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Artist Creates Adorable Crochet Doll For Grieving Boy Who Just Lost His Grandpa

Dealing with the death of a loved one can be difficult, but it can be even harder for children who may struggle to understand how someone can be there one minute, and gone forever the next.

While there isn't much we can do to prevent them from experiencing the hurt and confusion that comes with grief, one artist is doing her best to help children and adults alike cope with the loss of a loved one by crocheting them into adorable "Lookalike Dolls."

JennieLeigh Holland runs her own business called The Spunky Onion where she crochets all sorts of different creations.

These range from simple stuffed animals to brightly colored crocheted hats, made to resemble characters from the movie Trolls.

But it's her Lookalike Dolls that really allow this crafty artist to help people work through their grief and find comfort in a sweet crochet-version of their lost loved one.

Holland recently shared the story of this little boy and his grandpa to the Facebook group, "WE LOVE CROCHET!"

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"This sweet little boy has been having a hard time since his Pop passed away," she wrote in her post. "He's been praying for a 'little stuffie' of Pop that he can carry around with him."

Holland added that the boy personally chose the above photo of him and his beloved "Pop" to be made into a Lookalike Doll.

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He even requested that his grandpa be holding a fish to make it extra special.

Holland takes orders for these heartwarming Lookalike Dolls through her Etsy page.

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According to her Etsy, each doll is handmade and stands about 15" tall. After you place your order, you send in as many photos as you want of the person being crocheted.

You are also asked to specify if there's an outfit you want your doll to wear.

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"Please allow for creative differences and changes that may appear different than the photos you send," Holland adds. "I reserve the right to choose what details to include on the doll."

The dolls aren't just fashioned after people who have passed away, either.

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You can request for anyone to be turned into a cute little crochet version of themselves, whether you want to give it as a quirky gift or if you have a loved one who is going to be away for a long time, such as on a deployment.

And judging from the reviews, people are definitely satisfied with Holland's work.

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"How she took a few images of my Dad and manged to replicate him is beyond me," this customer wrote in their review. "Everyone who has seen this doll has been in awe at how much it looks like him. I'm in love."

But while it's obviously important to earn the specific customer's satisfaction, they're not the only one who's impressed.

Another person added, "There are no words to adequately express how much I love this creation."

Check out Holland's Etsy page for her full selection of customized crochet products, or to place an order.

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