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Kit Kat Is Rumored To Be Releasing A Cookies And Cream Flavor In The U.S. This Year

Kit Kat has been on an absolute roll this year. Not only did they add a Mint Chocolate Duos flavor to their lineup of permanent flavors, but they also announced six more flavors would be joining the chocolate wafer roster this year.

Contrary to their popular slogan, Kit Kat is taking absolutely zero breaks this year with their flavors. They're now rumored to be releasing another flavor sometime this year!

Leave it to an Instagram account like @junkfoodleaks_ to reveal some semi-top secret info coming from the Hershey factory.

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According to the Instagrammer, Kit Kat is set to release this secret unnamed flavor sometime this year.

Well, we can certainly gather from the packaging that it's most likely going to be another Duos product.

@junkfoodleaks_ believes it might be a cookies and cream flavor, based on both the look and the taste.

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You can see that the top later is a milky color with speckles of what looks to be cookie pieces inside.

However, the taste is a bit too subtle for their liking, so hopefully with that review Kit Kat will step up the flavor in time for its unofficial release date.

If you live in other countries, then this flavor isn't reaaaalllyyy news to you.

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The flavor is already well-loved in Canada, but as you can see, the actual wafer is also chocolate-flavored, which is different from what we saw from @junkfoodleaks_' post.

Of course, Japan has long been ahead in the Kit Kat game, although their version doesn't have the chocolate layer on the bottom of the bar.

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Hey, whatever the flavor ends up being, we'll gladly take more Kit Kat flavors over here!

What do you think the new flavor will be? Let us know!

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