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10+ Celeb Siblings And Their 'Simpler' Jobs

It's pretty cool when one member of your family manages to break into Hollywood. But what happens to the people who are, in a way, "left behind?"

Well, we're going to tell you all about the siblings of celebrities in this one, and what they do in their "ordinary" lives.

1. Toby Huntington-Whiteley

He is the brother of top model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and yeah, there were a lot of good genes in that family.

When he's not modeling, he's coaching fitness. So he's an all-around healthy guy.

2. Kelly Stone

Instagram | @sharonstone

The two Stone sisters are powerhouses. Sharon is a powerhouse of acting, and Kelly is a powerhouse of giving.

She set up a charity in order to give clothes to homeless people.

3. Kimberly, Kariann and Kristine Kloss

Instagram | @karliekloss

Karlie is one of the biggest Victoria Secret supermodels ever, they are her sisters.

And look, they all have names that start with K! How very Kardashian of them.

4. Jamie Lynn Spears


You all remember good old Jamie Lynn Spears.

She was the star of Zoey 101, then she had a baby, and now she makes country music.

Not exactly an ordinary job, but she's definitely not an A-List celeb like her older sister Britney.

5. Luke and Andrew Wilson

Sony Pictures

While Owen is undoubtedly the most famous of the Wilson trio and Luke comes in at a close second, their brother Andrew has been in some movies as well.

He was in "Hall Pass" and "Idiocracy."

Sony Pictures

And take this in, Wes Anderson managed to get all three of them to be in Bottle Rocket.

We need one more Wilson reunion before their times as actors are up.

6. Michèle Lavigne

Instagram | @ryota_0809

The closest this non-famous celeb sibling has gotten to fame was when her sister, the Canadian singer Avril Lavigne, posted about her wedding to Kohama Ryota from the band One Ok Rock.

7. Patrick, Harry and Sam Holland

Instagram | @tomholland2013

The Holland boys! Man, these guys must be so jealous (probably mostly proud, but at least a little jealous) that their brother gets to be Spider-Man.

They mostly are just his constant companions on his press tours.

8. Finneas O’Connell

Instagram | @finneas

He is the brother of one of the music industry's biggest stars at the moment: a known, independent artist named Billie Eilish who is literally taking over the world right now.

He has contributed a lot to his sister's rise to fame.

Instagram | @finneasoconnell

He has helped her on her albums as a singer, composer, and producer, and from time to time he acts.

9. Cameron Stewart

Libertine Films

No, this isn't a picture of some guy from Florida.

This is a picture of some guy from Los Angeles, and he is the brother of Kristen Stewart. No word on whether he's even met vampires.

10. Caleb Knightley

He is the brother of Keira Knightley, and here's a fun fact about the fellow: He's been in a whole lot fewer period piece movies than his sister.

He, instead, composes music.

11. Kevin Donoghue


This may be one that only Canadians get, but Gerry Dee actually has a brother.

And he is a very hard person to find a picture of!

Not only does he set up hockey camps in the summer where they train you in hockey and martial arts, but he's one of the best harmonica players out there.

Come meet him at Main's Mansion in Markham!

12. Hunter Johansson


We are all very aware of how pretty Scarlett Johansson is. It's kind of a world-renowned fact at this point.

So, it's safe to assume that the Johansson genes are good, right?

Proving our point, this is her brother, Hunter Johansson. Quite the looker as well, isn't he?

While he was in a movie in '96, he is actually more into politics than he is into acting.

13. Paul Diesel

Instagram | @vindiesel

We know Paul's brother, Vin Diesel, from his role in such movies as The Fast and The Furious and The Chronicles of Riddick.

Both great action flicks, both a lot of fun.

However, his brother, Paul has a much less exciting job (depending on who you ask).

Instagram | @vindiesel

He's a film editor and is involved with the film industry in a much smaller way than his twin brother.

14. Michael Kutcher

Instagram | mkutch

The brother of the world-famous actor and entrepreneur Ashton Kutcher is a humanitarian.

The man was born with cerebral palsy and cardiomyopathy and underwent a heart transplant as a teenager.

Truly, the man is a fighter.

Instagram | mkutch

These days, Michael is a Disability and Organ Donation Advocate.

Fun fact: it was Michael who convinced Ashton to go into acting! Ashton was studying biochemical engineering before Michael pushed him to try acting.

15. Sami Malek

Instagram | @sami.malekk

He is the twin brother of one of Hollywood's hottest stars right now.

Rami Malek has been up and coming in the last couple of years, and his twin brother must really love that.

On the one hand, people stop you and ask if you're Rami Malek (which would get annoying).

Instagram | @sami.malekk

Then again, you get all this attention and being compared to Rami Malek isn't the worst thing in the world!

He, however, has nothing to do with the entertainment industry.

Instagram | @sami.malekk

He is a teacher in L.A. and frankly, I don't know which job is harder!

But in all seriousness, the two of them certainly look like they have a lot of fun.

16. M Lamar


Talk about an LGBTQ powerhouse family!

Laverne Cox, who we all know as one of the most influential people of this generation, actually has a twin brother who is queer.

In case you think you've never seen him, you actually have!


He played Cox's character before she went through her transition and was a firefighter named Marcus.

In real life, he's an artist, countertenor, and composer (or so it says on his website).

17. Austin Swift

Instagram | @austinkingsleyswift

You'd be hard-pressed to find someone in 2020 who can't jam to Taylor Swift.

I'm not sure how brothers and sisters feel about their famous sibling's music, but Austin Swift is probably a fan.

Taylor does bring him to award shows often.

However, she reciprocates and sometimes goes to his shows as well.

In fact, she skipped the MTV EMAs so she could watch him perform at a play his school, Notre Dame.

18. Adam Braff

Instagram | @adamjbraff

Zach Braff is best known for his role as J.D. on the medical comedy Scrubs.

Adam Braff is best known for helping his brother write Wish I Was Here, and for being a good father.

19. Mónica Cruz

Instagram | @monicacruzoficial

She is the sister of Penelope Cruz and as you can see Mónica is just as beautiful as her actress sister.

Which is probably why she is a model.

20. Alex Watson

Instagram | @alexwatson_

His Instagram literally reads:

"My name is Alex watson. I am a Emma's younger brother. #British model"

Well, that's about as good of a description as I am going to give him. Moving on.

21. Antonia Kidman

Instagram | @antoniakidman

She is a journalist, a TV presenter, a mother and, last but not least, the younger sister of the super-famous actress Nicole Kidman.

She has focused a lot of her life on one thing...

Raising children.

Instagram | @antoniakidman

Not only is she the mother of 6 children (wow), but a lot of the TV shows she has starred in/produced over the years had to do with raising kids.

Very cool!