Heineken Created A Non-Alcoholic Beer, And It's Perfect For Gardening Season

There's nothing better than cracking open a cold beer while working on the yard. Actually, I wouldn't personally know this because I don't do yard work (#apartmentlife)—however, I know by talking to people and seeing my parents work in the yard that this is the case.

When one beer just isn't cutting it and you don't really feel like nursing a hangover so early in the evening, non-alcoholic beer is here to quench your cravings.

Heineken is hopping on the non-alcoholic beer wagon straight from Holland with Heineken 0.0.


If you're a staunch draught beer drinker, this may utterly disgust you.

But actually, this one tastes more similar to the alcoholic version than other non-alcoholic beers we've tasted.

Of course, this beer isn't made only for the outdoors. Think of all those other times you wished you could have the taste of beer but couldn't.

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Like after a stressful meeting at work, or maybe after a tough workout, or at your kid's baseball game, or all those times your friends want to day drink but you can't like you did when you were 22.

The best part is that there are only 70 calories per can, so if you're a pretty casual beer drinker and are looking to cut back but can't fully commit, this is a great way to still get your fix.

Look for it at your local beer, liquor, or grocery store, or find them on Amazon.

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