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There's Finally A 'First Child' Candle Out There To Make Older Siblings Feel Special

So, I'm the youngest of two siblings. I feel like I need to get that out of the way before I begin this article on being the first child, because obviously, I don't know what that's like.

However, from simply living with my sibling, I can only imagine that being the first born was not the easiest. As a first child, you're basically the guinea pig test for all the other siblings that come down the line, and unfortunately, you end up having to do many rebellious things you wanted to later in life. I mean, that's only one part of it, I'm sure. Sorry you couldn't go to the community center dances, sis.

First born children, now is finally your time to shine, because there is a candle made specifically for you.

Whiskey River Soap

Whiskey River Soap's created a candle called "A Candle For The First Child," which apparently "smells like you're just more important."

According to the company, importance smells like fresh wintergreen.

"You had to have your own candle, didn't you" the rest of the label reads.

Well, in a way yes. Consider this candle pay back for all the times they had to share anything with their younger siblings.

If a candle isn't enough, they also have soap that you can call your own as well.

Whiskey River Soap

Find it for $9.95.

Now that you're able to relax after all those years of torturous responsibility, fix yourself a bath with a matching bath bomb.

Whiskey River Soap

Find it for $8.95.

I know you're also patiently waiting for the link to the candle, and you can find it here for $23.95.

Younger siblings, take note. This is a great gift that truly keeps on giving!