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Pete Davidson Says Mac Miller's Death Ended Engagement To Ariana Grande: 'She Wasn't Putting On A Show'

For a long while, people thought Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson would make it until the end. After all, they were engaged.

But unfortunately, that was not the case. Ariana Grande underwent a true tragedy that prevented her and Davidson's relationship from moving forward.

Ariana Grande has had a few boyfriends, but only two seem to stick out to her fans.

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Mac Miller and Pete Davidson.

In fact, she was meant to marry Pete Davidson! The young singer was engaged to be married after only a short time of dating him.

For the most part, their relationship was going well (at least that's what we figured through Instagram), but they would not be able to live in bliss for long.

Tragedy struck when Grande's ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller, passed away.

Mac Miller died of an accidental overdose on September 7th 2018, at the young age of 26.

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Ariana Grande, who was his ex-girlfriend, obviously took the news very badly.

At the time, a source told PEOPLE that Ariana was not taking it well.

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“It’s true that Ariana has been struggling a bit with life in general,” they said.

“It was devastating and shocking to her.”

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“It [has] had a huge, negative impact on her life. It made her rethink many things in her life.”

Less than two months after Miller's death, Ariana and Pete broke up.

In fact, the same source talked about the fact that Grande was no longer ready to get married after what happened.

“She realized that planning a wedding right now felt very rushed. It’s not what she wants to do right now.”

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“She doesn’t want to make any rushed decisions and has decided to take a step back instead.”

“They’re dealing with things that people wouldn’t have to deal with in a lifetime — an ex-boyfriend reportedly overdosing and having all of this fame and attention.”

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“These followers and living their lives on social media … it’s a different world.”

When he passed, Ariana took to Instagram to give tribute to her ex.

"I adored you from the day I met you when I was nineteen and I always will," she wrote on the post.

"I can’t believe you aren’t here anymore."

"I really can’t wrap my head around it. We talked about this. So many times. Im so mad, I’m so sad. I don’t know what to do."

"You were my dearest friend. For so long. Above anything else."

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"Above anything else. I’m so sorry I couldn’t fix or take your pain away. I really wanted to. The kindest, sweetest soul with demons he never deserved. I hope you’re okay now. Rest."

Ariana continued to make music, in order to help herself heal.

She wrote "Ghostin'," which is an entire song dedicated to her pain.

It's both an apology to Pete Davidson and a letter to Mac Miller.

But it was "Thank U, Next," that ended up being one of Ariana Grande's greatest hits.

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In the song, Grande talks about her ex-boyfriends, her father, and what it means to give herself some self love.

The lyrics go: "Even almost got married, and for Pete, I'm so thankful."

"Wish I could say, "Thank you" to Malcolm. 'Cause he was an angel," go the lyrics.

Her song was the talk of the town for referencing her ex-boyfriends.

But she still suffers from the pain of what she went through, and often breaks down on stage when referencing Mac in any kind of way.

She has had trouble getting through "Thank U, Next" on a number of occasions.

Even when she wasn't on stage, she paid tribute to him.

While people were waiting in their seats, the music that would be playing were all songs by Mac Miller.

But now, Pete Davidson has opened up on how it hurt his relationship with Grande.

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Which he has never really done before, so all eyes were on him when this interview came out.

But thankfully, Davidson doesn't blame Ariana for where their relationship went.

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In fact, he knew that the breakup was coming as soon as Miller passed away.

“I pretty much knew it was around over after that,” he continued.

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“That was really horrible, and I can’t imagine what that [expletive] is like. All I do know is that she really loved the [expletive] out of him, and she wasn’t putting on a show or anything. Prayers to his family and all of his friends.”

So sad.

“I totally got it.”

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Davidson said, “She would even tell you this. I was like, ‘Listen, I get it, do whatever you’ve got to do, I’ll be here.’ I think I said, ‘I’ll be here until you don’t want me to be here.'”