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Mom Trolls Her Kids By Picking Them Up From School Dressed As Post Malone

What do you do when your kid refuses to be Post Malone for Halloween, despite you thinking he looks like him?

Well, you hit up Amazon and do it your damn self, of course.

Meet Kari Ann Sims Conversa.

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As you can see, she has perfected the art of trolling the internet, and she's pretty crafty. That's a dangerous combination to have in a mom, as her kids found out during Halloween.

She originally intended for her son to dress up as Post.

Facebook | Kari Ann Sims Conversa

"I begged my son to be Post Malone for Halloween because I felt he kinda looked like him. He would not do it. I bought all the fake jewelry, fake money, fake cigarette and more," she told Bored Panda.

Y'all, this woman is so funny.

Facebook | Kari Ann Sims Conversa

She posted progress videos of her turning herself into Post, and she took it so seriously. She used doll hair to create the curls on the top of her head. DOLL HAIR.

She took matters into her own hands.

Facebook | Kari Ann Sims Conversa

"Halloween day I dropped him off at school and said ‘you’re not going to do it?’ Him, ‘no.’ I went home, looked at myself in the mirror, and thought ‘I got this!" she said.

Her kids were NOT having it.

Facebook | Kari Ann Sims Conversa

"My kids are so disgusted," she said in a video of her picking her kids up from school.

Yup. She picked her kids up in full Post Malone cosplay. What a legend.

They seriously hated it.

Facebook | Kari Ann Sims Conversa

"The kids were disgusted and couldn’t look at me. They kept their heads facing the car window."

When you've trolled your kids so hard that they won't look at you, you know you're doing something right as a parent.

The whole thing was done using thrifted items.

Facebook | Kari Ann Sims Conversa

"I ran to the thrift shop and bought male clothes and the fanciest man shoes I could find," she said.

She did have a rough moment where she realized Post had cut his hair, but she figured out the solution: the doll hair.

People genuinely thought SHE was her husband.

Facebook | Kari Ann Sims Conversa

She even took her kids to an orthodontist appointment as Post.

"The receptionist told my son 'Oh. Is this your dad?' I was wearing cologne and had a velvet baggy of fake diamonds that would drop out of a tiny hole when I walked."


Her husband wasn't impressed, either.

Facebook | Kari Ann Sims Conversa

She said he works 70 hours a week, so he had no idea what was going on until she was done with her handiwork.

"That's so f'n gross," he wrote.

Uh, and iconic. Obviously.

Frankly, she nailed this entire look.

The fact that she trolled her kids in the process was just the icing on the cake. Nice work, Kari Ann!