Woman Pranks Her Husband With Custom License Plate After He Forgets To Register His Car

Most couples prank each other now and then — it's a fun way to keep your partner on their toes. But one woman took it to the next level when her husband forgot to register his car and she saw the perfect opportunity to get back at him.

It didn't take long for her hilarious idea involving custom, vanity license plates to cause a stir in her small town.

Nobody likes having to register their car every year.

Put it up there with going to the dentist or shopping for light bulbs. It's one of those annoying tasks we know we have to do, but we still hate doing it.

Recently, a woman named Jackie Burke from New Hampshire shared her experience of registering her husband's car and how she hilariously pranked him.

Jackie Burke

According to Jackie, she and her husband, Sean, often try to prank each other all in the name of good fun.

"Sean often falls asleep on the couch, I use the opportunity to wear my special mask, and scare the crap out of him mid-snore," she said in an email to Diply.

Their pranks often involve things like an unexpected bucket of water over the head while one of them is relaxing, or the classic cake to the face.

But, while she was registering Sean's car after he left the task to the last minute, Jackie got an idea for her next epic prank.

Unsplash | Semen Borisov

She learned that a certain vanity license plate was available and couldn't pass up the opportunity to get it.

Vanity plates are personalized by the driver. They usually spell out a funny word or phrase using a combination of letters and numbers.


In the past, Jackie said Sean had mentioned that he would "NEVER" get a vanity plate for himself because he thought they were goofy.

But, Jackie decided to raise the stakes in their on-going pranks.


She went ahead and registered his car with a plate that sent a very clear message.

Jackie got this vanity plate, which read "LUVMYYF" or "Love My Wife".

Jackie Burke

According to Jackie, Sean was in "disbelief" over his new plates but didn't realize until he started driving his car how much of a scene they would cause.

People took notice of the plates quickly.

"He didn’t know how big of a deal it truly was going to be in terms of the amount of staring, looking at him strangely, or our friends making fun of him every chance they got. He was walking by the receptionist desk at his company early on his vanity plate journey only to overhear, 'Who’s the guy with the plate?'” Jackie said.

Sean also happens to be the soccer and baseball coach for his kids' teams.

Unsplash | Haidan

"Our tiny town basically all shows up to the same place on Saturday mornings. It was inevitable that his car would be noticed," Jackie said.

As well, Sean has to commute about an hour to work each day.

Unsplash | Denys Nevozhai

He soon found out that other drivers weren't a fan of the vanity plates and often cut him off, or gave him strange looks during his daily commute.

To top it off, Jackie had people send her photos or tag her on social media whenever there was a "LUVMYYF" spotting.

In her small New Hampshire town, word got around fast about the vanity plates.

"We would go to parties or cookouts and introductions to new people went more like, 'Are you the guy whose wife got you the vanity plate?'” Jackie said.

Jackie's hilarious vanity plate prank will ensure her husband never forgets to register his car again.

"Ladies, if your husband can't find the time to register his own car [in the] 30 days he's allotted, get him a vanity plate. He'll make time for it... I'm sure of it," she said in a Facebook post.

All good things come to an end, and Jackie said Sean went to change the plates immediately after New Year's.

Jackie Burke

It was the first time he registered his car on time and while Jackie is a little bummed to see the plates go, she's warned Sean that with them gone, it leaves room for a "bigger and better" prank.

To his credit, Jackie says Sean took it all in stride.

Unsplash | Kristina Litvjak

"But I have to give it to him, he’s so patient with me and my pranks. He’s willing to be the husband who’s always getting his balls busted but that’s because life is supposed to be fun and we don’t take too much seriously," Jackie said.