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7+ Tattoos For Those Who Want To Wear Their Love For Crochet On Their Sleeve

Some people love things and can quietly just know they love it. Maybe they'll take a photo for Instagram or write a Facebook status about it.

But hardcore lovers of things get commemorative tattoos of that thing. This listicle is dedicated to those who love crochet so much, they really wanted to physically wear it on their sleeve for forever!

A Classic Doily

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Doilies are also a classic piece to crochet. I always find them at the thrift store and make sure to ogle at the stitches!

A Crochet Hook Is A Magic Wand

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Forget all the Harry Potter wands that ever existed. That's fiction, and crocheting is reality.

They truly allow you to create such magical things!

For The Edgy Crocheter

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This style is perfect for those who prefer a more American traditional style.

While this one doesn't actually feature a crocheted piece, its hooks, yarn, and text all come together as an awesome homage to the craft.

Wear A Crochet Heart On Your Sleeve

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With a crochet heart tattoo, you're really wearing your heart on your sleeve!

This is another great minimal piece that will go with everything you wear.


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This one really looks like someone's crocheted right into the skin!

Tattooing is amazing.

An Ode To Stitches

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Getting a tattoo of the different stitches that comprise a crocheted piece is a great idea for those who want a more minimal look.

Only crocheters will know what it means!

The Granny Square

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Granny Squares are arguably the most classic thing you could crochet. It's what many beginners first learn to crochet, and they're just absolutely timeless.

It's All In The Details

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With color, the details of the yarn really come to life.

I bet this person has received many compliments already!

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