Pregnant Mom Posts Weekly Bump Photo Dressed Up As A Different Pop Culture Character

Becoming a mommy is a special time for a woman and her entire family. So, it's no wonder why some ladies want to celebrate this time in a fun way.

A freelance photographer and videographer from Orlando, Florida came up with a cute way to post her pregnancy progress pictures on her Instagram page and she really caught the eye of everybody following her.

Grace Navarro is a huge fan of "The Office", "Harry Potter", and Disney.

So, she came up with an interesting way to show her followers her weekly bump pictures.

Each week, she dressed up as her favorite characters while showing everybody what the size of her baby was.

The idea came to her while she was looking at apps that tell you what fruit or vegetable your baby might resemble each week of the pregnancy.

Since week 14 resembled a beet, it made her think of Dwight from "The Office" so she decided to dress up as him.

This was going to be the only photo.

Everybody liked the picture and the idea so much that she decided to just keep going with it.

She went on to post a similar update picture every week as a different character.

Every week she researched some fun facts about her growing baby and wrote them down on a chalkboard.

Then, she would come up with a character and costume to wear.

Over the span of 23 weeks, she dressed up as Dwight Shrute and Jim Halpert from "The Office", Ginny Weasley and Luna Lovegood from "Harry Potter", and various Disney characters.

She nailed each look!

Alongside the pictures, she also shared some interesting facts about each stage of the pregnancy and how she was feeling at the time.

And, she added some humor for good measure.

For week 26, the baby was the size of a rose, so Grace went for a "Beauty and the Beast" theme.

Thanks to her yellow dress, she looks exactly like Belle!

At week 29, the baby was the size of a honey pot.

Can you think of a better choice than Winnie the Pooh to mark this week? Oh, bother.

It was Grace's husband who introduced her to the fandom of "The Office".

It quickly became her third love, as you can clearly see in this hilarious pic where she portrays Jim and his classic Jell-O prank.

She has always loved photography and video editing and is happy to be doing that as her actual job.

Judging from these pictures she's got a flair for it, too.

As Grace was nearing the end of her pregnancy, her humor didn't subside at all.

She was still able to poke fun at herself and her very pregnant situation.

As the saga has ended for Grace with the successful birth of her little daughter, she contemplates how she's going to top this little adventure in life and on Instagram.

We can't wait to see what she comes up with!

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