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Sarah Hyland Slams Troll Who Shamed Ariel Winter's 'Revealing' Clothes In Instagram Post

Sarah Hyland stepped in over the weekend after the Modern Family wrap party to defend her longtime co-star, Ariel Winter, from trolls on social media.

After 11 wonderful seasons of "Modern Family", the cast celebrated the series' final episode with a wrap party.

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One last hoorah before they say goodbye indefinitely!

Sarah shared tons of photos from the party, with the caption:

Instagram | @sarahhyland

"I love these people with all my heart. 11 years together is proof you and your tv sister will start wearing the same outfit, siblings for life will be made, and you'll forever fight over the same professor".

"We'll always be Dunphys and we'll always have each other ❤️".

Instagram | @sarahhyland

Unfortunately, some people were far too distracted by Ariel's risqué dress to enjoy Sarah's heartfelt caption.

While many of us can agree that Ariel looked amazing regardless of how much skin she was showing, some people were less impressed.

Instagram | @sarahhyland

There is not shortage of comments similar to this one on Sarah's post.

Another fan chimed in, claiming that Ariel's outfit is something that would be better suited in a strip club, or as a gift to her boyfriend.

Instagram | @sarahhyland

Not sure who made this person in charge of what outfits are only acceptable in sexualized situations, but I have to politely disagree.

If you got it, flaunt it!

Some fans agreed that the dress was definitely sexy, but maybe not appropriate for a party that one attends with their colleagues.

Instagram | @sarahhyland

But she did it anyway because it's her body, her choice, and I love her for it!

This person wrote that only young people would like the dress Ariel was wearing.

Instagram | @sarahhyland

Maybe that is an indicator that the younger generations are becoming more accepting of people shattering societal norms.

Others simply wrote that they were not surprised to see that Ariel would show up wearing something "like that".

Instagram | @sarahhyland

Evidently, she has a reputation for not giving a F what anybody thinks and wearing whatever makes her happiest.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that Ariel has received backlash for not wearing enough clothes.

Instagram | @arielwinter

Back in 2017, she took to Twitter — sharing a note, airing out her frustration over the relentless criticism.

It's pretty disappointing that she was forced to reassure her fans that she's "not a whore" just because she wore shorts and a tank top.

If you see a young woman wearing something that you find to be too revealing, mind ya business. Thanks!

Three years ago, Ariel actually took to Instagram herself after being criticized for underdressing at the "Modern Family" season eight panel.

Instagram | @arielwinter

"Why TF does anyone care that I didn’t dress casual like everyone else for the panel? Why do I have to be like everyone else?," she wrote.

"Why can’t people just let other people feel good about themselves and do what they want?"

Instagram | @arielwinter

"WEAR WHATEVER YOU WANT PEOPLE! As long as you feel good about yourself that’s what matters. I know I did."

"Don’t ever let anyone stifle who you are and how your express yourself. Rant over :)"

Instagram | @arielwinter

Anyway, the criticism got so out of hand on Sarah's post, that she decided to speak up and defend Ariel from the haters.

"What was she thinking... seriously," someone commented. To which Sarah replied:

Instagram | @sarahhyland

"That she's a sexy and confident woman. Everyone that is making a negative comment about my sister can back the [expletive] up because I WILL NOT tolerate it!"

Good for Sarah for sticking up for Ariel, and all women who have ever been shamed for dressing "too revealing".

Instagram | @sarahhyland

Let us know what you think of Ariel Winter's wrap party dress in the comments below!