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Act II Is Releasing Cotton Candy-Flavored Popcorn That Magically Turns Blue As It Pops

There are quite a few things making a mark for themselves in 2020. It's only February, but we've gotten a glimpse at some major trends for the year, like Baby Yoda, lemon-flavored snacks, junk food flavors like Oreo and Kit Kat, and now llamas.

Llamas are starting to sweep all kind of packaging, from cupcakes, boxed cake mix, cookie houses, cereal, and now popcorn.

Llamas are basically the new unicorn when it comes to colorful and whimsical marketing.

At-home popcorn brand Act II is releasing a magical Llama Party popcorn.

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Food Instagrammers like @candyhunting, @junkfoodmom, and @dadbodsnacks revealed the news recently.

While there is no official release date, they all say the product will be out "soon."

We anticipate many blue tongues in your future if you try this product!

Will you be giving this popcorn a try? Let us know!

There is a lot happening on the packaging, so let me break down the llama festivities for you.

Instagram | @candyhunting

The popcorn is cotton-candy flavored and turns blue when it's popped.

It also comes with llamcorn tattoos, which I can picture kids going crazy for.