Plane Throws Impromptu Shower For Couple Flying Home With Their Adopted Baby

For some parents, they don't welcome their new baby in a delivery room. When it comes to adoptive parents, their stories of how they met their children for the first time can take place almost anywhere in the world.

Recently, passengers on a plane decided to make this experience memorable when they noticed a couple flying home with their adopted daughter.

Dustin and Caren Moore spent their first days of parenthood flying home to California.

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After struggling with infertility, the couple decided to explore adoption to expand their family.

After a more than a year, the couple's adoption of their newborn daughter was approved. The new family was ready to make their way back home.

Boarding their plane home, it was hard for passengers to ignore the new family.

Dustin said he offered "numerous apologies" to passengers as he tried to navigate the aisle with all their bags. Babies don't travel light.

A diaper change, of all things, brought them even more attention.

A flight attendant named Jenny politely inquired about Dustin and Caren's daughter, and the family briefly explained their adoption story.

This prompted another flight attendant named Bobby to approach the family.

Shortly after chatting with Bobby, he took to the intercom to address the whole plane and congratulate the Moore family on their new addition.

The crew then passed out napkins and pens so that everyone could write a note of encouragement to the family.

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As passengers wrote down their words of wisdom, they peeked over at the family to congratulate them.

As it turns out, Jenny and Bobby are a married couple.

As they bundled the napkins up for the Moores, they explained that a flight crew had done something similar for them when they were on their honeymoon.

Dustin took to Twitter to share this story and what this act of kindness meant to his family.

Dustin opened up about how he and Caren struggled for nine years to welcome a child, and how this kind gesture "uplifted" them.

Finishing his thread on Twitter, Dustin shared an image of an album created using the napkins with their words of encouragement.

Twitter | @theamericanrd

It's clear that this thoughtful gesture meant a lot to these new parents who will treasure this moment for years to come.

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