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Kristen Bell Wouldn't Have Married Dax Shepard If They Met 5 Years Earlier: 'We'd Be A Tabloid Headline'

In her latest interview with Build Series, promoting her new company, Hello Bello, Kristen Bell opened up about her relationship with her husband, Dax Shepard — admitting that had she met him "5 years earlier" she may have not married him.

Needless to say, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are probably one of the greatest couples of all time.

Everybody and their mamas know that these two are #CoupleGoals.

For instance, when it comes to parenting, they always keep it real.

Instagram | @kristenanniebell

Dax and Kristen have two daughters, Lincoln, six, and Delta, four, and they've never been shy about sharing tidbits of parenting advice every now and then as they figure things out.

Like the time they admitted they, sometimes, accidentally sweat in front of their kids.

Instagram | @kristenanniebell

"We don't limit ourselves as much as we should at home," Kristen said. "The way we explain it is, 'Look, you're 5 years old. You can't drive my car. You can't vote. You can't drink alcohol. You can't swear.' So far, they've obliged."

They're always poking fun at each other on social media.

Instagram | @kristenanniebell

Having a solid, healthy relationship means having the perfect flirt to roast ratio. If you don't playfully make fun of each other from time to time, are you even in a relationship?!

Dax once shared this photo of Kristen wearing gloves in a swimming pool, with the caption:

Instagram | @daxshepard

"My bride wears gloves in the pool because she hates the feeling of pruney fingertips on skin. #Hollyweird #iloveher".

Wearing gloves in the pool? Not relatable. Posting it online? Very relatable.

Even the way they met was authentic af.

Instagram | @kristenanniebell

Hardly anyone really falls in love at first sight, and Kristen and Dax have been totally honest about it.

“There were no sparks whatsoever," she said about the first time they met.

“Two weeks later, we both met at a hockey game. We are both from Detroit and Red Wings fans."

Instagram | @kristenanniebell

"And we saw each other at the hockey game. Started to flirt. Left."

"And then a day after that I get a text that says, ‘Hi, my name is Dax.'"

Instagram | @kristenanniebell

"I violated your privacy and got your number from Shauna,'" she recalled.

"'How do you feel about that?’ And I was like, ‘Excuse me? You sound stimulating.'"

Instagram | @kristenanniebell

That is the realest love story of all time. Don't @ me.

It's hard to imagine a world where they didn't end up together.

But according to Kristen, timing was everything.

Had they met sometime earlier than they did, it could have rewritten their history entirely.

Last week, Kristen Bell paid a visit to "Build Series" to promote her new business endeavor, Hello Bello.

Instagram | @kristenanniebell

The interview eventually turned into a conversation about soulmates, and Kristen's take on that may surprise you!

“I think it’s who you choose to make it work with,” she said.

Instagram | @kristenanniebell

“I don’t think you could ever find your soulmate if you’re not ready."

"I don’t know if I think soulmates exist," she added.

Instagram | @kristenanniebell

"If I had met my husband five years earlier, no way. We’d be a tabloid headline."

"We met at the time when we were both evolving into a place where it was ‘Okay, what are the outcomes I want in my life?’"

Instagram | @kristenanniebell

"I think you have to go through your own personal evolution to get there," she concluded.

I can't say whether or not soulmates are a real thing, but if they do exist, then Kristen and Dax certainly are!

Instagram | @kristenanniebell

Let us know what you think of Kristen Bell admitting that she wouldn't have married Dax Shepard if they met "5 years earlier", in the comments below!