The New Lego 'Dots' Collection Lets You Create Unique Jewelry And Accessories

It seems as though Lego has cornered the market on creativity. Give a kid, or an adult, a pile of Lego and the possibilities are endless.

Now, the toy giant is launching a new collection with DIY at its core.

You can build fun items that will spruce up your desk.


The new collection is called "Dots" and its aim is to inspire DIY crafts that can act as a home accessory or even wearable art. You can, for example, create a pineapple pencil holder.

Jewelry is a focus of the collection.


There are a number of bracelet designs that are fun to create. Themes include a funky animal bracelet (pictured above), a sparkly unicorn version, and rainbows.

You can even build your own jewelry stand.


Because where else would you store all your cool new creations?

The new collection will be available for purchase on March 1.

Let your imagination run wild with all the DIY possibilities.