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Hilary Duff Slams 'Creep' Paparazzo Who Shows Up To Her Child's Soccer Game

Hilary Duff has had enough.

The mother of two recently slammed a "creep" paparazzi online for taking pictures of kids at a soccer game.

Hilary Duff is taking a stand against the paparazzi.

Instagram | @hilaryduff

The Lizze McGuire actress is the mother to two children, Luca, 7, and Banks, 1.

She first publicly spoke out about photographers invading her children's privacy back in December 2019.

Instagram | @hilaryduff

"Here I am just trying to get around with both my kids and I have paparazzi following me everywhere I go," she shared in a video on her Instagram stories.

"Two grown men, Three actually, one of them is running away. Just following me and my kids to every location I go to."

Instagram | @hilaryduff

At the time, she was just trying to run errands with her kids while the paps were on her every move.

She continued: "In a world where women are getting all these rights, this doesn't seem right to me at all."

Instagram | @hilaryduff

She then turned the camera onto Luca, who was visibly upset:

"How much do you like that the paparazzi follows you? Makes you sad, huh? You hate it."

Now, in 2020, the paparazzi are up to their old tricks again — and Hilary has snapped once again into protective mama mode.

Instagram | @hilaryduff

She recently shared a video of herself confronting a paparazzo who had been photographing children on a soccer field.

“Who are you here with? Do you know any people on the team? Can you stop taking pictures of the kids please?” Hilary asks at the start of the clip.

Instagram | @hilaryduff

The photographer replies by saying, "it's legal" to take photos of the kids.

Later, he says, “I'm taking pictures, I'm practicing photography,” adding: “Your paranoia is unwarranted.”

"It's making me feel really uncomfortable," Duff says.

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This causes the paparazzo to say "it shouldn't make you feel uncomfortable" and then asks if she wants to see his ID.

"I'm not asking for ID, I'm asking you to stop taking pictures of our seven-year-old children," she retorts.

Instagram | @hilaryduff

This causes the photographer to, once again, state that what he's doing is legal.

This warrants a plea from the "Younger" star as she says, "I'm asking you human to human, as a mother" to stop taking pictures.

Instagram | @hilaryduff

Hilary also made her thoughts known in the caption of her post:

"Paparazzi shooting KIDS. Go “practice” your photography on ADULTS! Creep! Laws need to change! This is stalking minors! Disgusting!"

Things escalate when Hilary says that she is going to post the video to her 15 million followers.

Instagram | @hilaryduff

After the camera pans to show kids on the soccer field and parents on the sidelines, the video ends after the man puts his hand over Hilary's phone.

Based on the initial comments, Hilary received a lot of support from fans and mostly celebs.

Instagram | @hilaryduff

"Children should be protected under the law,” wrote Shameless's Emmy Rossum.

“This is beyond unacceptable and I stand behind you with an army of Mothers who applaud you for refusing to back down in an instance where yet again, a paparazzi is stating his right to photograph minors,” commented Nikki Reed.

Instagram | @hilaryduff

“The bottom line is this industry should not be allowed to make money off of children. Period end of story. Not only is that morally wrong, but more importantly, in the process of making money off of little kid’s private moments, these children grow up feeling unsafe," she added.

Not everyone is on Duff's side, though. There have been lots of comments from people who believe that Hilary is in the wrong here.

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"Be happy that somebody still takes pictures of you, you are third class «celebrity » at best," another added.

Hilary has even been accused of racial profiling.

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"This is the dumbest post I have ever seen, this is simply a sign of racism. Go practice your racism on someone else!!!" another added.

While not everyone agrees with what Hilary did, in the end, she did what she thought was best for her kids.

Instagram | @hilaryduff

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