10+ Disney-Inspired Couple's Tattoos To Mark Your Happily Ever After

Matching couple's tattoos are always a cute idea. But what if you can actually top it with even a more adorable design? It turns out, you can.

Couples are getting matching Disney-inspired pieces to not only show off their love for one another, but to add a bit of whimsy and fantasy into their lives as well. Check out these amazing and cute-as-a-button ideas to give you some inspiration. I think Mickey and Minnie would be so proud.

1. Peter Pan

How cute is this Tinkerbell to her Peter Pan tattoo idea? I think this one is absolutely perfect for a couple in love to share.

2. Finding Nemo

Add more whimsy to your life with larger-than-life Disney characters like Dory and Marlin. These two have so much fun. I hope you do, too.

3. Angel And Stitch


What an amazing idea for a shared couple tattoo. The colors go perfectly together to correspond to the female and male characters. This is super cute.

4. Winne The Pooh


What could be cuter than Winnie the Pooh? Well, a tattoo like this! Ha, ha. This one is both whimsical and loving at the same time.

5. The Lion King

Add a bit of character to your skin when you get the funniest Disney characters like Timon and Pumba. These two really crack me up.

6. Mr. and Mrs.


Why get just a regular" Mr. and Mrs." tattoo, when you can simply add some Disney flair into it? This is so much more fun.

7. Toy Story

Every Disney story has its favorite phrase. Why not just ink that on your skin so you can always treasure it together forever?

8. Lady And The Tramp


Lady and the Tramp is my absolute favorite Disney movie so this adorable tattoo holds a special place in my heart. I love this.


This movie was absolutely irresistible to watch and when I saw it I loved it even more. This tattoo is such an awesome homage to it.

10. Mickey And Minnie


Speaking of Mickey and Minnie, this one is just too adorable to pass up. I would totally get this with my fiancé if we were Disney-obsessed.

11. Sleeping Beauty

Celebrate your coupledom like a real-life love story when you channel Princess Aurora and Prince Philip in the most fun and colorful way. How romantic is this?

12. Beauty And The Beast

OMG, have you ever seen anything as gorgeous as this? These Belle and Beast tattoos not only match perfectly but are detailed to boot. Wow!

13. The Little Mermaid


Here's another beautifully matched Disney-inspired tattoo for couples. This one is so gorgeous and detailed — I'm in awe.

How amazing are these couple tattoos?

As I said earlier, I would totally do this if I was as into Disney as these people are. These are cute and romantic.