Street Artist Paints Pop Culture Characters In Unexpected Places

I'm such a huge fan of street art. Whether it's graffiti or some kind of art installation using regular objects, I love it all. I especially admire those artists that take it upon themselves to beautify their neighborhoods. This is exactly what one artist who goes by the name EFIX does.

Check out how this talented artist "fixes" ugly cityscapes including cracks in concrete walls, broken pipes, and so on. I think you'll like what you see.

This 30-year-old Barcelona-based artist known as EFIX is a multidimensional talent.

He's a street artist, a graphic designer, and a musician. Wow, so much creativity in one person.

What makes his street art special is his use of funny cartoons and illustrations of pop culture characters.

They seemingly blend into walls and sidewalks as if they belong there.

His characters make the streets come alive with the way they interact with their surroundings.

That in itself is so much fun to look at, if you ask me.

He especially likes to work with a lot with Disney and Simpsons characters.

When he sees a particular shape outside, he immediately things of what he can do with it.

Once he has the idea, he likes to put it into action by translating it into the world of cartoons.

He picks recognizable characters he knows people will appreciate.

Take a look at this Marge Simpson mural, which cleverly uses a plant to create her iconic hair.

Ha, ha! This is amazing! Maybe Marge should consider changing her hair to green?

He said he uses characters from "The Simpsons" and Disney the most because they have a strong relationship to people's childhoods.

They are instantly recognizable to most people.

He started making his street art about five years ago when he noticed the ugliness of the streets of Barcelona.

He wanted to do something about it, he said in an interview with Bored Panda.

He basically got motivated to start making his city more beautiful by bringing the joy of cartoons to everybody passing by.

I think he's definitely succeeding in this area.

What he enjoys most about street art is the kind of emotions it brings out in people.

He especially likes the reaction of children when they see his art.

He puts on his city cleaner outfit when he's making his art, and enjoys seeing people passing by and looking at it.

It's evident it brings everybody a lot of happiness.

He finds it very rewarding to give something to the city he loves without expecting to get something in return.

I think that's a beautiful quality to have.

His street art is not destructive in nature.

It's meant to beautify the surroundings without damaging anything. Therefore, he never touches any of the supporting pieces, he only adds to them.

He likes to use water and flour-based glues to create a texture that dissolves easily in the rain.

He also uses materials such as paper supports for his pieces.

He creates his artwork at nightfall.

That way, by morning, people can really appreciate his finished projects. He uses popular pop culture characters to bring some childhood nostalgia to people.

EFIX's creations take a lot of preparation and planning.

He will take a photo of a location he has in mind, then work on the design and proportions at home.

A lot of his creations play with perspective.

Sometimes you have to be in the right place at the right time to see EFIX's magical art. It would be so easy to miss this Finding Nemo design if you weren't looking down.

This "Aristocat"-inspired piece pays tribute to one EFIX's favorite cartoons.

Marie looks so sweet and sassy perched on this concrete stump.

Make way for Tarzan!

I love how Tarzan's vine is made from a crack in the wall. So clever!

I absolutely love the imagination of this awesome artist.

There's so much ugliness in this world that we need to feel happy and positive especially on our way to work.