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Pillsbury's New Cinnamon Rolls With Peaches & Cream Icing Is A Big Spring Mood

If our boy Punxsutawney Phil is correct, we should be seeing an early spring before its official March 19 release. So, naturally, many of us are quickly ditching our winter decor and packing away sweaters in anticipation of bright colors, tree buds, and spring recipes.

Pillsbury is getting us ready for the occasion with a new fruity cinnamon roll flavor.

For Pillsbury, springtime means Peaches & Cream Grands! Cinnamon Rolls.

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One of Instagrammer @candy_hunting's followers @rocha_ahc spotted the new flavor at their local H-E-B grocery store.

Doesn't the packaging just making you want to belt "Peaches & Cream" by 112?

Not the same sort of reference, but anyways.

The flavors of sugary cinnamon, fluffy dough, and peaches and cream-flavored icing remind me of a peach pie or cobbler, which totally makes sense for spring.

It also totally makes sense that it's being sold in a southern grocery store chain, so let's hope the flavor also migrates north with all the birdies!

What do you think about this new cinnamon rolls flavor? Let us know!

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