Brides Are Trading In Flowers For Stunning Succulent Bouquets Instead

If you're looking to change up the traditional bridal bouquet, look no further than your succulent garden!

Brides are switching out flowers for colorful succulents, and it's seriously adorable. I know what I want my bouquet to look like now.

Succulents are a fantastic choice for a bouquet.

Not only can they handle going without water for quite a while (ideal for brides who order their bouquets online), but you can do so much with them once the wedding day is over!

You can plant your succulents...

...and start your very own succulent garden. Imagine having a succulent garden to remind you of your special day! Now that's some galaxy brain level thinking, you guys.

Some brides have chosen to have all-succulent bouquets.

The colors and textures of succulents honestly make them perfect plants for a bouquet. And since succulents are a super sustainable choice, it's almost a no-brainer!

For this bouquet, the succulents are allowed to stand on their own, with a few leaves at the bottom for decoration.

While others happily pair them with other flowers.

Look how stunning that bouquet is! This coastal-inspired bouquet uses pink blossoms, pink succulents, and white flowers. It's a pastel fantasy come to life, and it's straight-up #BouquetGoals.

The varying colors of succulents make them perfect for weddings.

You can choose succulents that fit your wedding colors, since they came in a ton of different colors!

The purple tips on the succulent at the center of this bouquet perfectly compliments the purple and pink in the flowers.

This bouquet is EVERYTHING.

Look at the colors! The purple! The blush! That spiky plant friend in the middle! There's nothing about this desert-themed bouquet that I don't like. Can I just get a bouquet for everyday use?

Two bouquets are better than one!

For their wedding, brides Amy and Gemma both opted for matching succulent bouquets. Their wedding colors were pastel blue and blush, which their florist expertly incorporated into their bouquets!

This is a pastel fantasy.

Hello, pastels! These bridal and bridesmaid bouquets were done in blush and peach colors. The succulents accent the roses so well that you almost don't notice they're there at first!

Some brides have begun incorporating succulents into other areas of their wedding, too.

According to @succulentsforhire: "This crown was made for the flower girl but the bride loved it so much she ended up keeping it to use in her own wedding photos!"

Even the grooms have gotten in on the action!

These custom succulent boutonnieres and corsages were made for the entire bridal party! Everyone's ribbons were made with a burlap-colored ribbon to beautifully compliment the more neutral succulents and flowers.

This bouquet had a dual purpose.

Why not utilize your bouquet for a few glamor shots? This bride planted her bouquet after her big day. A year later, she revisited it and photographed her gorgeous ring on her wedding anniversary!

This bouquet has a cute centerpiece.

Accent your succulent bouquet with different sizes of succulents! This bouquet not only utilized plants of different colors and textures, but one giant succulent in the middle. It's so cute!

These bouquets became centerpieces.

If you've already committed to your favorite flowers as your bouquet, why not use succulents in your centerpieces? You'll still get to make your own succulent garden out of them, so there's no downside!

Use them in any season!

There's something so beautiful about the contrast of bright white snow and the green richness of tropical succulents. If you want to add some desert or tropical inspired vibes to your winter wedding, succulents are definitely the way to go!

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