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28 Ways You May Have Been Doing Things Wrong All Along

Most people learn to use a tool or prepare food in a very specific way and don't really stray from that their whole lives, especially if you're a total noob like me.

You're about to realize that there's likely a better way to use a ton of familiar things in your life.

Check out these 23 ways you may have been doing it wrong all along!

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1. You've probably noticed that it's dang near impossible to slice a loaf of bread without either destroying it or squishing it. Well, there's another way! 

Lifehacker | Lifehacker

Flip it over and cut it from the bottom. Now you can have that restaurant-quality sandwich at home.

2. Wait just a second! Are you for real? Hire whoever figured this out immediately. 

Instagram | @twelve_point

Stick a fork into the filling of the Oreo for optimal dunking. This allows you to dip the entire cookie without getting those fingers all milky. Genius.


3. OK, these people deserve some sort of award for this display of creativity. 

Twitter | @Hugodixon

Why not just keep your spot with your shoes in line and enjoy a nice seat? Not only do you get to sit back and be chill, there's no way for someone to cut in line either. If they do, you can jut smack 'em with your shoe.

4. Most of us take our shirts off by pulling the bottom up and over our heads, but this guy shows the easiest way to get it done. 

YouTube | CrazyRussianHacker

This is great for a dramatic body reveal, just sayin'.

5. There's really nothing worse than that dang straw floating around the can opening while you try to your hardest get it in your mouth. 

Reddit | triggerhoppe

That tab is more useful than you think...


6. I've seen some people doing this but never knew why to be honest. 

Life Hacker | Life Hacker

Wrapping the earphone cord above your ear will help secure it much better when you're moving around.

7. You've definitely noticed the fact that you can still make out the letters of a word when you simply cross them with straight lines. 

Reddit | yourmom46

Writing letters on top of the words will do a much better job.

8. Annoyed that your plug keeps coming undone when you move around?

Tumblr | stfuchristine

Make a little knot to secure it. It'll stay plugged in no matter how much you move it around. I bet if you tell your dad this one he'll say that he never has this problem (before secretly going to give it a try).

9. To cool down a beverage as quickly as possible, wrap it with wet paper towels and put it in the fridge for at least 15 minutes. 

Imgur | nomnomnetwork

That thing will be chilled to the max.


10. Now, this is probably one of the most consistent mistakes people make in the bathroom: using the wrong type of plunger!

Women You Should Know | Women You Should Know

The flange plunger (left) should be used when you're clearing a toilet while the cup plunger (right) should be used on a sink.

11. Ever notice those loop hook things on your grocery cart?

22 Words | 22 Words

They're there to hang additional plastic bags from when your cart is already full or you need to protect fragile items.

12. You've probably been peeling that banana by the stem end your entire life, right?

Instructables | Instructables

After pinching the tip of the other end of the banana, it will then peel very easily.

13. I don't know about you, but I personally despise those bread-filled corner bites. 

Reddit | LauraJesson

Here's the best way to arrange round sandwich toppings to maximize every bite. You've instantly just made every sandwich you make better for the rest of your life.

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14. Yes, this one is a little weird, but at the same time important. 

PerfectShowerHead | PerfectShowerHead

Many people claim that assuming a squat position instead of a straight sit down is better for your bowels — quicker and easier, too. It all deals with the alignment of your colon, but we won't go into that.

15. If you're like me and want to use tinfoil, you probably just whip it open and start pulling — and the roll pops out every time. 

Vorply | Vorply

Notice the "Press Here To Lock Roll" tab on the side of the box. Do it up and solve all of your problems!

16. Most family games of Monopoly fizzle out because they take way too long — but it shouldn't actually, if you play it right.

Giphy | Giphy

When a property is turned down by a player after landing on it, you're supposed to let the other players bid for it in an auction.

This really pushes the game along if you haven't tried it.

17. Are you the type of person who loves making tons of little notes everywhere?

Reddit | cybrian

I'm always making notes but then I don't see them when I need them. Solution? Use that bathroom mirror! You look at it every day, and there won't be a huge build up of sticky-notes in your place.

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18. People think that rolling up your toothpaste is the way to go as you reach the end of the tube. 

Cosmopolitan | Cosmopolitan

I'm tellin' ya, a bobby pin will hold that spot so well.

19. Peeling an orange is always a heck of a task if you don't eat them often. Plus, pulp seems to still be everywhere. 

Imgur | Sirenaa

Check out this easy way to "unravel" an orange.

20. We all know that this is how mugs should really be used. 

Reddit | [deleted]

How annoying is it to heat up two dishes in the microwave only to have one semi-warm bowl and one searing hot one because you've been waiting so long? Get around that by stacking a dish on a mug to raise it up.

21. I present to you the best way to hold your piece of pizza. 

Wired | Wired

At first this may seem trivial, but no one likes bending their neck to catch that floppy pizza in their mouth. Shaping it into a "U" will give it that extra structure you need.

22. There's even a right way to hold a burger in order to minimize spillage  

Food Beast | Food Beast

Researchers actually spent 4 months in a lab using 3D burger scans to figure this one out. Next time you smash a burger, don't let their hard work go to waste!

23. You likely have dozens of those clip hangers bouncing around your closets at home, right?

The Berry | The Berry

Well, cut off the ends of the hanger and use them as a snug chip bag holder!

24. Don't you love heating up leftover spaghetti only to hit that secret hot spot in the middle that burns your mouth off?

Reddit | Omgpolly

This really doesn't have to happen, just arrange the leftovers into a donut-like ring to get a more even heat up.

25. Believe it or not, drilling these two little holes into your trash bin make a world of difference when you go to pull out a bag. 

Imgur | Imgur

These holes prevent that annoying bag suction.

26. Obviously this little hook thing is just used to hold the tray in a plane up and in place, right?

Solv | Solv

This is actually a coat hook! Instead of bundling everything up in the overhead compartment or on your chair, just hang it here.

27. Apparently, it makes a big difference if you put the bumpy edge of bobby pin up or down.  

Chelsey Rae | Chelsey Rae

You should always have the bumpy side of the bobby pin against your scalp — this will make it slip less.

28. Sorry to bring exercise into this, but this is crucial if you want to get results and not injure yourself. 

Shareef Academy | Shareef Academy

You have to keep that line from your neck to your toes completely straight!

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