15+ Cringeworthy Moments That Only Lead To A Facepalm

Dan 21 Feb 2020

Some people just set themselves up as a punchline. I'm not trying to be high and mighty here, because in my life, that person has often been me. I guess this list makes me feel a little better.

1. Susan went with it.

Reddit | andrewshepherdlego

This is some wholesome cringe right here. I don't know why Susan thought an insurance rep would need multiple headshots, but either way, she went through with it like a boss.

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2. He's not wrong.

Reddit | danky_boi-YT

Billionaires honestly shouldn't be a thing, and billionaires who only achieve their status through donations really shouldn't be a thing. But it's 2020, and we're through the looking glass at this point.

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3. Not enough face to apply my palm to.

Reddit | GimmeThatKarma

I like the idea that this person evidently tried to communicate with people who can't see through a series of trills and clicks. At least they finally figured it out.

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4. Florida in a nutshell.

Reddit | Bmchris44

Another way to read this basically confirms that, if a woman isn't mature enough to live up to some standard, she's forced to carry her baby to term. Yikes.

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5. Happens to the best of us.

Reddit | shantanu011

This is the kind of story that makes us all cringe, but really it's just the high-tech, grown-up version of accidentally calling your school teacher "Mom".

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6. Mind = blown.

Reddit | x7plain

It's almost like the estimated 400 million people around the globe who speak Spanish can't be neatly categorized into a single racial category. Who would have thought?

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7. Won't someone think of the poor employers?

Reddit | dickfromaccounting

If this guy had things his way, employees would still be working for slave wages, probably starting in childhood. The mental gymnastics here are absolutely incredible.

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8. This hurts.

Reddit | MrMagicFTW

I think most people have at least some wanderlust in them, but it isn't always possible to indulge it. I'd love to have an Instagram-worthy exotic vacation, but I also need to pay rent.

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9. Hmmm.

Reddit | ar9n

"Socialism is the worst! Let's harness the power of the masses by getting everybody to give a little in order to kill the ill that is socialism!"

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10. I've got something to tell you.

Reddit | Jayer244

The Berlin Wall is the most famous wall in the world — and it owes most of that fame to the fact that, ultimately, it didn't work at all.

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11. Get off my lawn.

Reddit | ozcuco

There's a weird duality to the human experience, one that strives to better our existence while simultaneously resenting those who may be benefiting from this hard work.

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12. Game, set, match.

Reddit | ScroogeMcmunchos

Anti-vaxxers are an interesting bunch. They'd almost be entertaining if they weren't responsible for bringing back a bunch of viruses that should have been eradicated years ago.

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13. Round two.

Reddit | mike_pants

Imagine trying to research a topic by checking out peer-reviewed literature, then throwing it all away because it flies in the face of your worldview. Then add to the dumpster fire by asking the internet for help.

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14. It's plausible.

Reddit | BenderDisorder

Family Guy is the show that dedicated, like, ten minutes to an unedited, live-action Conway Twitty music video, so a stunt like this definitely isn't out of the realm of possibility.

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15. You mean someone took my picture?

Reddit | SuperSlimySalamander

This conspiracy goes all the way to the top. I have photographs of me on passports and driver's licenses dating back to childhood. I guess I'm part of the system now.

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16. Oh, Mike.

Reddit | gbyl

Is Mike advocating for a world in which everyone gets a whole cake for their birthday, no one ever shares, and the responsibility for eating the whole cake falls on one person?

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17. What sorcery are you doing?

Reddit | KappaccinoNation

I'm sure that terrorists sometimes have to use math skills to plan an attack, but I'm equally certain that the vast majority of people who are good at math are not terrorists.

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18. So close.

Reddit | Duke_McAwesome

This would still be facepalm-worthy if it was a more generalized book on environmentalism. But when it calls out plastic in its title, the whole thing gets more cringeworthy.

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19. Checkmate.

Reddit | milesio

Also from now on I will be referring to everyone who says something ridiculous as an "uneducated potato."

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20. Let's all just ease off millennials, m'kay?

Reddit | B_i_n_x_1

Unless we want to start coming after boomers for literally needing us to sit them down and teach them how to use their new iPhones.

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21. Got 'em.

Reddit | FuCuck

I think fans of Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein" are just so used to correcting everyone about that that they just do it automatically without stopping to see if someone was actually using the right name or not.

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22. I have... no words.

Reddit | zoseno

I think we can all agree why this is cringe and I'm sure we're all facepalming so hard right now so let's just move on from this atrocity as quickly as possible.

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23. That answers that.

Reddit | gbzqbej28

Excellent logic, Flat Earth Society. Hard to argue with that one.

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24. You messed up bad.

Reddit | TheGameGuy55

Rule number about the internet: never trust the internet.

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25. Math is hard.

Reddit | dafnasr

This doesn't just make me facepalm, it makes me fear for society and human race as a whole.

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26. Atta boy, junior.

Reddit | whatthef***kanye

The article was published in January 2017 but was put in motion while Obama was still in office. Research is key.

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27. Another Obama one.

Reddit | pp0787

Someone explain the concept of cookies to this person before their head explodes, please.

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28. UPS didn't think this one through.

Reddit | GallowBoob

While I can understand trying to neatly place the package inside this doorway, I don't think directly under the handle was the right move.

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29. Conrad, what did you do to the reactor core?

Reddit | diamondmines2

I can't even be too hard on this person's dad. I watched Chernobyl, and the fact that English people with English accents were playing Russians definitely threw me for a loop.

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30. Think for a second.

Reddit | xIorek_Byrnisonx

I agree that straightness is a valid sexual orientation. But there are other words that mean the same thing. Heck, one of them might just be the very first item on the list.

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