15+ Good Deeds Made With Awesome Sauce

There are good people in the world.

It's easy to forget this when somebody cuts you off in traffic. Yes, the world can be a frustrating and seemingly uncaring place at times. But when you think about it, with a population of 7.5 billion people, the world is full of capacity for goodness.

If you ever had any doubt, have a look at these heartwarming stories.

1. Good guy Gordon Ramsay.

Twitter | @GordonRamsay

You might not want to be on the wrong end of one of his rants, but this shows just what a good heart celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay truly has.

2. Not a bad deal for a free latte.

Reddit | Chazster567

I love seeing stuff like this. Redditor Chazster567 posted this image showing a beachfront cafe's initiative to get litter off the beach. This makes the cafe look good, it makes the beach look good, and it means free drinks. Everybody wins!

3. A little kindness on a hot day.

Reddit | FootLoosePickleJuice

Animals can get overheated just like humans can. So when the heat hit 110°F, Redditor FootLoosePickleJuice decided to give this hot little frog a cool drink of water.

What happened next is awesome.

Reddit | FootLoosePickleJuice

Sometimes, the best way to beat the heat is to simply soak yourself in a cool tub. This frog clearly decided that a swim would be the best way to refresh itself.

4. This mall Santa went above and beyond.

Reddit | Sumit316

Mall Santas only really need to sit there and be jolly while kids share their Christmas wishes. But this particular Santa had an awesome response to a deaf girl who couldn't speak well.

He's got the answer.

Reddit | Sumit316

After asking the girl's mom if she could use sign language, the Santa busted into a signing conversation that put a big smile on her face. Thanks, Redditor Sumit316 for this awesome story.

5. The story brings it all together.

Reddit | Reddit

What's this guy holding? Turns out he's a surgeon, and he figured out how to make a drug delivery device for a kid who suffered an asthma attack during a transatlantic flight. This one comes from Reddit.

6. You're a good guy, Officer Jenkins.

Reddit | Morty_Goldman

Usually stories that begin with a cop pulling you over don't go that well, but this post from Redditor Morty_Goldman is refreshingly different. This officer, realizing that he could be of help, immediately lent his expertise to the driver.

7. A surefire way to brighten your commute.

Reddit | MarryMeALot

Redditor MarryMeALot posted this scene from their morning commute. While it's not unusual to see buskers in the NYC subway system, this guy's message is extraordinary.

He's turning busking on its head.

Street performers are often impressive and deserving of the donations they get. But it's important to remember that just because someone can't perform, it doesn't mean they're not in need.

8. Relying on the kindness of strangers.

Twitter | @BVGSRowing

This story comes from a tweet by Bishop Vesey's Grammar School rowing team in the United Kingdom. As rowers, they were well-equipped to carry out this good deed.

9. It's the thought that counts.

Reddit | HellhoundOnMyTrail

Redditor HellhoundOnMyTrail writes that his parents are staying with him for the week, and that they wanted to stay up late to welcome him home after work. The execution was lacking, but for the most adorable reason.

10. Semper fi.

Twitter | @LilyBaileyUK

We don't know any backstory beyond what @LilyBaileyUK posted on Twitter, but there's no denying that this is adorable. You can see the marine's TLC — and the little bunny's unwavering trust — in this heartwarming pic.

I've never been a bunny person, but this almost changes things.

Almost. They're freakin' adorable as little babies getting fed with an eyedropper, but I'm not so sure I'd want to get mobbed by them.

11. You don't often see a fence with a window...

Reddit | larebear2

But you don't often have neighbors like the ones next door to Redditor larebear2, who's not allowed to have a dog. Their neighbors built this custom window to facilitate doggo snuggles.

12. It's good to check in.

Reddit | Behemoth_Nemoth

Older people feel isolated and alone far too often. It's never a bad idea to stop and check in with them, whether they're a family member or even a neighbor. This image from Redditor Behemoth_Nemoth shows an example of a strong community.

13. How can prom be made any more special.

Reddit | Reddit

A Reddit user posted this short video showing a high school girl getting ready for a prom. It almost looks like she's about to get pranked, but the reality is far more compelling.


Reddit | Reddit

I guess it was technically a scheme against her, but the surprise was well worth it. Just look at how happy she is after unexpectedly seeing her boyfriend again.

14. The pic doesn't say much, but the story sure does.

Reddit | nelsroyc

Redditor nelsroyc posted this image asking for help identifying these coins. Turns out they come from a charity, but the bigger takeaway here is the backstory.

The Redditor got them from a man at the bank.

He was trying to get some money from them to pay his wife's hospital bills. They hold no monetary value, but nelsroyc decided to help the man out and gave him $20 for the coins.

15. Best ticket ever.

Reddit | AmericanDoggoThief

Redditor AmericanDoggoThief shared this awesome "citation" from their local police force. It's really cool to see good behavior rewarded in this way — who doesn't enjoy some DQ soft serve from time to time?

That's just good policing right there.

After all, if wrongdoing can earn you a ticket, why shouldn't rightdoing (that really needs to be a word) also result in some kind of recognition?

16. Her face is just priceless.

Reddit | commonvanilla

I've been to restaurants that give you something free on your birthday, but somehow, they've never pulled on my heartstrings like this one does. Redditor commonvanilla posted a short vid showing a regular customer's excitement at getting some birthday cake.

Good deeds are their own reward.

Reddit | commonvanilla

A little bit of kindness goes a long way. Everybody wants to feel special and loved, so let's all try to be kind to our fellow humans. We're all in this together!