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Sharon Osbourne Opens Up About Dramatic Hair Transformation: 'Just Be Who You Are'

For some people, their hair going gray or white is a nightmare, but for others, it's a whole new world of opportunity — for Sharon Osbourne, it looks like it's definitely the latter.

Letting your natural grays or white grow in is very in style.

Alexandra Grant, artist and girlfriend of Keanu Reeves, makes the silver hair look so stylish whenever they make an appearance together.

Jane Fonda recently rocked a white 'do.

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Jane has said she's not buying any more new clothes or getting any more plastic surgery, so it looks like authenticity and being your natural self is definitely in.

The latest celebrity to embrace the natural hues is none other than Mrs. O herself, Sharon Osbourne.

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Sharon has been committed to the red hair look for almost twenty years now, so when she switched it up out of the blue it was pretty incredible.

Sharon Osbourne shocked the world when she decided to ditch her famous deep red locks for a head full of platinum.

As the hair stylist responsible for the look explained, this was no quick feat — the entire dye process took a total of 8 hours!

Sharon opened up about the decision to go white on 'The Talk,' where she's a co-host.

Sharon revealed that she was "just so fed up of going and having it dyed and having it dyed, and I just was like, I can’t do this anymore."

“I’m like, why am I trying to do something or be something that I’m not?"

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"Just be who you are," Sharon explained. Sharon's co-host, Sheryl Underwood, declared that Sharon was now "a silver fox," which I definitely agree with!

Sharon's husband, Ozzy Osbourne, had the perfect comparison for her new look.

Ozzy called her new look "The Devil Wears Prada!"

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Miranda Priestly, eat your heart out!

Fans took to social media to share their opinion on the color.

Tons of fans loved the new look, and thought it really made Sharon shine! Honestly, as long as she loves it, it doesn't really matter what anyone else thinks anyway.

I think she looks amazing!

What do you think of Sharon's transformation? Would you ever go full gray or white? Let us know in the comments below!