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Your Hat, Hold On To: The Baby Yoda Build-A-Bear Plushie Has Been Revealed

Marilisa Racco 20 Feb 2020

Since The Mandalorian debuted in November, the world has been enthralled with Baby Yoda, or "The Child." He has since been recreated in all manner of materials, from the edible to the artisanal.

When Build-A-Bear announced they would be collaborating with Star Wars to create a plushie Baby Yoda, fans were on the edge of their seats.


I mean, Baby Yoda on screen is cute. Imagine what a plush version of him — all soft and squishy — would do to your heart? (Melt it, I'd expect.)

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Now the toy company has released its first images of the bear, and OMG, it does not disappoint.

Star Wars | Build-A-Bear

Just look at that soft material and attention to detail. Don't you just want to cuddle up with him and a cup of soup?

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You can sign up to get notifications on when the bear will be available for purchase.

Instagram | @buildabear

Build-A-Bear will be selling these adorable "The Child" plushies come spring. Sign up here for email updates on when you can buy one in-store.

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It's no wonder this little guy is trending higher than all the presidential candidates combined, according to Build-A-Bear CEO Sharon Price John.

Giphy | folkenstal

He's sure to be a hot collector's item.

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