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Daughter Writes Heartfelt Message In Snow Outside Mom's Hospital Room: 'Be Brave'

A woman battling cancer was recently treated to a touching message of hope outside her hospital room window, courtesy of her daughter and a particularly advantageous snowfall.

As CNN reported, 65-year-old Michee Schambach had just traveled from Guatemala to Ohio to undergo treatment when her daughter, Marie, decided to do something special in order to life her mom's lowered spirits.

When it started snowing on Thursday, Marie instantly knew exactly she wanted to do for her beloved mom.

Marie Schambach via CNN

Being from Guatemala, the pair had never even seen snow before, but Marie knew she could use the blanket of powder to her advantage.

"I looked out the window and saw a big blank slate, and though I could write something on it," she told CNN.

However, Marie wasn't able to properly dig a message out of the powder that night before more came and covered her words up.

Marie Schambach via CNN

Determined to make her touching idea a reality, she tried again on Friday, and this time her sweet message ("MOM BE BRAVE") was able to stand out against the snow for Michele to see.

"I told my dad, "Wake my mom! Tell her to go to the window," Marie recalled. "She was happy, so, so happy."

After Cleveland Clinic tweeted a photo of Marie's sweet snowy message, she said her mom began receiving messages of hope and encouragement from others as well.

"So happy to have so many people praying for my mom," Marie said. "It makes her smile."

She added that she hoped other patients staying in the hospital would see her message and feel like "somebody else cares."

The family recently received some very good news from doctors: Michele's white blood cells are up.

Marie Schambach via TODAY

The medicine being used as part of her treatment is already taking effect and doing its job, but Marie, a physician herself, says there's more to it than just that.

"The medicine helps," she agreed, "but it's from a lot of support and a lot of prayer."


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