21+ Interesting Pics That'll Be Hard To Forget Tonight

Oftentimes when we came home from school and our parents asked what happened that day, there's a reason why we usually said, "Nothing."

Sometimes, we were wrong and there were actually things worth telling. The problem is that it was essentially astroturfed by math problems and classmate drama, so it got lost in the shuffle.

But every now and then, something would be so interesting that we'd think about it all day. If someone brought a monkey in and it flung its poop at the teacher, our parents would definitely hear about it.

And while these pictures aren't nearly that gross, we hope they're about as interesting.

1. Catch them at the wrong time of day and you'll find out the clouds don't always look like friendly ducks and people kissing.

Reddit | ozthewizz

All it takes is a little light reflecting in the right place to make the skies look downright evil. Ironically, the weather might be totally fine.

2. Some retirement homes are actually designed to look like little neighborhoods.

Reddit | Reddit

Alzheimer's patients can often retain their earlier memories for longer than events from recent years.

So adding some housing decor that wouldn't look out of place in the '40s is supposed to help alleviate anger, anxiety, and depression as they adjust to their new lives.

3. Nothing impresses me more than things I know I can't do, and we can definitely add this creation to that list.

Reddit | degamezolder

Origami seems tough enough when you're making a little crane, but try something with eight legs and making it all fit together.

That's eight chances to make a total mess of things.

4. This abandoned mine in Wales is known as the Cavern of Lost Souls, but that's only technically true in the Cars universe.

Reddit | richard_reality

In reality, the mine is filled with about 100 abandoned cars dating back to the 1970s. Why? Apparently, the nearby road is pretty dangerous, so towing a broken-down car through it would cost more than some drivers could afford.

5. These botanical apartments are found in Bangkok, Thailand. Do with that information what you will.

Reddit | penn451

Of course, it takes some serious upkeep to keep these gardens so beautiful. So living here would either be really expensive or a lot of work.

Or maybe I'm underestimating some lazy geniuses out there.

6. Sometimes, it can be surprisingly difficult to figure out if a photo was taken decades ago or yesterday.

Reddit | mcduck122001

Whoever did this certainly paid attention to all the details, though. Note the spray bottle, which helps give the "road" some authentic stains.

7. Walking in this little park is probably one of the only things that would be easier to do blindfolded. 

Reddit | The_Salty_Cat

The terrain looks pretty uneven either way, but at least that method doesn't leave people preparing for slopes that don't exist.

Optical illusions are a tricky mistress.

8. This plane made it through World War II, but it finally met its end on this California highway.

Reddit | The_Salty_Cat

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, this plane is actually American made, but was painted to look like a German model. Its pilot (who was unharmed) was practicing their flying skills when the engine suddenly lost power.

9. It would actually be accurate to describe this thing as a loaf of art.

Reddit | PoetProphet

Sadly, you would have a difficult time eating it because it's a murrini, which means it is likely made from glass. Also, the artist's website lists it as sold out, so there's that, too.

10. These are teeth of a crabeater seal and they're as gnarly as they are for a reason.

Reddit | PoetProphet

Oddly enough, they don't actually help the seal eat crabs, because it doesn't even eat crabs. The teeth actually act like a kind of sieve so it can take in a mouthful of water and keep all the krill it catches when it filters the water back out.

11. This bamboo bridge may need its visitors to duck, but it'll probably feels really cool to cross.

Reddit | penn451

Sometimes, we all need to be taken back to our memories of jungle gyms. And what better way to do that than with materials from an actual jungle?

12. If earth looks a little unfamiliar here, that's because that isn't what you're looking at.

Reddit | PoetProphet

It's actually a model of what Mars may have looked like billions of years ago. Water easily boils there now, but researchers are uncovering evidence that there was once more than enough water there to sustain life.

So, what happened? Well, the argon in the atmosphere was apparently light enough that solar winds and UV rays could strip it away. Once that happened, the carbon dioxide followed, which means it wasn't around to warm the planet anymore.

13. This mineral is known as rhodochrosite and it probably won't surprise you to learn that people want to make gemstones out of it.

Reddit | PowerUpJorgen

However, finding a usable rhodochrosite crystal is actually pretty hard because they rarely develop into the dazzling specimen you see here by the time anybody finds them.

14. When somebody can go on about the fall of Rome for seven volumes, it kind of helps to give the reader a sense of how far it falls in each one.

Reddit | Vrubster

The less fancy that pillar gets, the more easy it is to be glad that we're not living in ancient Rome. Even the border around the title starts to fall apart in that last one.

15. It's not often that nature pulls the old "just when you thought it was safe," routine, but that's probably how we can describe this. 

Reddit | NodEazy

Just because we usually see a rainbow after a storm has passed, that doesn't mean the thunderstorm is going to go quietly. After all, does it do anything quietly?

16. This is a swarm of bees, but that actually isn't as scary as it sounds.

Reddit | slippy-inny

According to neurobiologist Thomas Seeley, bees are actually at their least aggressive when they're swarming.

They're just trying to figure out what tree or structure would make a good spot for their new colony after their queen split off from the old one. When hives get too big, up to half of them move out.

17. It's hard to tell just by looking at it, but this wolf cub here is made of pipe cleaners.

Reddit | PoetProphet

If anything can confirm once and for all that somebody was thinking way too specifically when they first called them pipe cleaners, this masterpiece can.

18. A rotting tree stump may not sound that interesting, but it's easy to change your tune on that when you actually see one.

Reddit | PicholasMage

I also never expected to call a tree stump in this state romantic, but we can't ignore that it's decaying into a heart shape. Aww.

19. I guess this makes us ask ourselves if wearing camo works better or worse when the trees themselves are wearing it too. 

Reddit | Jamiojango

But seriously, this is just what it looks like when some trees shed their bark. Little plate-like sections fall away piece by piece at different times, so they end up with a bark mosaic.

20. It's hard to tell how this rock turned out like this, but I don't think there would be many complaints if it happened more often.

Reddit | DontForceItPlease

Good luck seeing anything besides a big eye in that colorful patch now that I've pointed it out, though.

21. This photo may be edited, because I'm not sure anyone's reaction to a shark showing its teeth this much would be "hang loose."

Getty Images | Aaron Martin/EyeEm

At any rate, that seems like a much more likely possibility than the photographer catching this shark during a particularly aggressive yawn or this person panicking by imitating Spider-Man.

22. This is how the Titanic stacks up to the largest cruise ship operating today. 

Reddit | [deleted]

The Titanic may have been large, but it definitely didn't have enough room to have its own version of Central Park on board like some Oasis-class cruise liners do.

23. We don't know much about this massive book patch, but the best guess is that it was some kind of art installation.

Reddit | yottalogical

Whatever its purpose, passers-by were allowed to grab all the free books they wanted after 6 p.m. It's kind of like if somebody randomized the Scholastic book fair and turned it into a free-for-all.

24. Certain whales have been known to sleep in upright positions.

Reddit | PoetProphet

They only do this for about 10 to 15 minutes at a time, but it's hard to nap for much longer than that when you don't get to breathe or move at all for all that time.