Knit And Crochet Wreaths Are The Front Door Accent That Will Never Wilt

Why buy it when you can DIY it?

Wreaths aren't just for Christmas these days. Buying one can get pretty expensive, so why not put your knitting skills to work and make one that you can enjoy year-round?

Here are some ideas to get you started.

Keep it minimal with this arm-knit wreath.

Happy Happy Nester

Now this is something you can display year-round! Happy Happy Nester posted a simple tutorial for creating this chunky wreath that you can make with or without the felt flowers!

This wreath is out of this world.

Um, hello new favorite wreath! Look at how cute that astronaut is! @lauralovescrochet on Instagram put this wreath together, and I'm 100% prepared to put it on my front door.

Get a little meta with it.

Yarn wreath? Yarn wreath. Instagram account @mycreativecatsroom decided to take a yarn wreath quite literally, and created gorgeous balls of grey, white, and blush pink yarn for hers. The tiny buttons are icing on the wreath cake.

Mix up your materials.

The sky is the limit with an embroidery hoop. Instagram user @storrlinstreet created this amazing yarn floral wreath with handmade flowers and faux leaves. This is great for a fan of minimalism or mid-century decor!

I scream, you scream.

We all scream for a wreath with frickin' ice cream on it!

The amount of detail in this sweet wreath is incredible. From the banana to the tiny pineapple, everything here is... making me hungry, actually.

Easter, but make it gothic.

Ugh, there is nothing I don't love about this Easter wreath. Instagram user @sikorka.szydelkuje put together this amazing wreath with black yarn, faux feathers, and glittered pastel eggs.

You could swap the eggs for flowers and have a super cool, high-fashion wreath that works all year!

All a-flower.

How perfect would this be for spring? @celynscrochet put together this bright, floral wreath for her Etsy shop, which you can find right here! She also does custom orders, so you can get whatever flowers you want on yours!

Time for a harvest.

"How do you like them cabbages?" @knit1_cas wrote on Instagram.

I like them knitted, thank you very much! This incredible, veggie-fied wreath is perfect for some farmhouse decor, or for a fall harvest! Or for vegetarians, idk your life.

Ooky-spooky, Hallo-kookie...

Holy. Bats. This Halloween-inspired wreath would look amazing on any front door, but especially mine. I especially love how many of the creatures have been turned into sweets — look at that donut bat!

Have a heart.

I know this is definitely Valentine's Day decor, but damned if I wouldn't have it up year round. Look at how stunning it is! @littlebitsforyou used different shades of pink to make this heart beat.

Fall into these cool-toned colors.

This wreath calls for a frosty morning and some hot cocoa. Instagram user @gillsstitches created this grey, white, and black wreath that would easily transition your home from fall to winter!

Pink and turquoise is a dream color combo.

This wreath is so dreamy. Soft, chunky pink knit was already a great idea, but adding some faux flowers just took this wreath to the next level. That turquoise color? So gorgeous, and perfect for spring.

Add some embellishments.

Now this wreath has style. Instagram user @sikorka.syzdelkuje created this neutral-toned wreath that really pops thanks to its gorgeous pastel flowers and shiny pearl embellishments. Wreaths should have jewelry on them, guys.

I ain't lion.

How cute would this be on a kid's door? Instagram user @reels_of_love calls this wreath "Rory the lion," which is almost too adorable to be allowed.

Can indoor rooms have wreaths? They should. It is law.