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Salma Hayek Trolls Hater Who Says She Has 'Too Much Botox'

She is one of many celebrities who have denied using Botox before, and yet there are still internet trolls who think they know better.

Who knew there were so many undercover plastic surgeons on Instagram, calling out Botox when they saw it (sarcasm).

Just leave the poor lady alone!

Salma Hayek is one of Hollywood's most gorgeous celebrities.

Instagram | @salmahayek

The woman in that picture is 53 years old. 53 and she still looks that good.

It must be that Californian sunshine that has some kind of magical power over her.

And it's all natural.

Instagram | @salmahayek

Salma Hayek has said before she doesn't use plastic surgery or any enhancements whatsoever to change her appearance.

Which is great, considering how many women in Hollywood are pressured to do so.

Despite the fact that she says she's never used them...

Instagram | @salmahayek

That doesn't stop trolls on Instagram from "calling her out", as one did the other day when she posted the above selfie.

"Too much Botox" said the troll "Not needed Salma!"

Now most people would have left it alone or taken it to heart and went on a tirade.

But not Salma Hayek. She expertly replied back with the below comment, and it was as classy as we expect it to be.

Way to take the high road, Salma!