Quotes For People Who Need A Laugh Today

Paddy Clarke 19 Feb 2020

There's a lot to be miserable about out in the world today. However, there is no reason why there can't be a bit of joy in these turbulent times as well! Whether it be dogs smiling, or seeing someone you don't like being pooped on by a bird, you really have to enjoy the small moments of hilarity in the world as best as you can.

So, with that in mind, here are some quotes for those people who need a good laugh today!

1. Which Side Are You On?

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If you missed the beginning, how are you supposed to know when to be shaking your head disapprovingly and nodding your head in support? It's important to take the right side in this argument that you have no real right listening in on!

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2. Cha-Ching


Sure, you can have fun without funds if you put your mind to it, but with funds you can have more money with less effort!

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