Become A Real Life Sleeping Beauty In A Crochet Princess Snuggie

If you feel like a princess and you know it raise your hands in the air! And if you're a sleepy princess and you also know it, also try and keep your hands in the air, although I'm sure they're starting to get tired because you are.

If you're a trooper and your hands are still in the air, then we have the perfect item that will guarantee the sweetest dreams.

You can now crochet a cozy blanket in the shape of a princess dress for all you sleeping beauties out there.

They're like Snuggies. Remember those?

Find this pattern here.

The princess dress blankets by Etsy and Ravelry seller CarolHladikDesigns come in so many fun colors and designs that suit your royal style.


This pattern is sure to keep you feeling especially warm with its three quarter sleeves.

While these aren't Disney-specific, you can definitely see the inspiration from Disney princesses, like this pink 'Sleeping Beauty'-looking one.

Etsy | CarolHladikDesigns

Carol doesn't sell the items individually, so if you're a master crocheter or know someone who is, this will be a really fun project to tackle during the damp days of winter.

Most of the patterns, like this one, are around $5-$6.

And if the princess life isn't really your thing, she also has some patterns for those feeling a little more in touch with their dark side.


Find this pattern here.

Who knew a princess dress could be so comfy?