A New 'Willy Wonka' Fan Theory Explains His Famous Outburst

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Okay, so we all know that Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is a cinematic masterpiece, yes?

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And of course, we're talking about the 1971 film, not the 2005 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory disasterpiece.

The movie has everything you could ever want.

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You've got Gene Wilder, an edible candy land, children disappearing in mysterious and unethical ways, and of course, a heartwarming rags-to-riches tale of a boy and his grandfather.

And we can't forget the glorious Oompa Loompas.

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Let's just say that the munchkins from The Wizard of Oz are the discount brand versions of Oompa Loompas.

You can't hate on these tangy, green-haired little fellas. You just can't.

Of course, if you're going to hate on anyone in the movie, it's going to be Grandpa Joe and his manipulative ways.

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"Look at me! Up and about!" He says as if he wasn't practicing his standing while everyone was asleep.

Anyway, with the movie being as popular as it is, we're bound to stumble across some pretty wild fan theories over the years.

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Some of them have been really interesting and believable, while others have been super dark and a little disturbing.

There was the theory presented by Reddit user MasterLawlz, which suggested that Charlie receiving the chocolate factory was a punishment the whole time.

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Because owning it nearly caused Wonka to lose his mind, Charlie would be next.

And then there was the theory from Pious_Mage which suggested that George Weasley is Willy Wonka.

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It literally theorizes that the Oompa Loompas are simply house-elves that are dressed up and taught to sing.

I mean.

This is why I love fan theories.

Anyway, there have clearly been a lot of substantial fan theories put out there.

But there's a recent one that is honestly out here snatching up everyone's wigs.

Reddit user ChampagneOnTap has a theory that involves Wonka's golden tickets and all five children — and it explains why Wonka was so angry when Charlie tried to claim his prize.

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As much as we love dark and twisty theories, I really love this one because it's actually really clever and well thought out.

They suggest that Wonka had intended for each of the children to win a golden ticket and that the contest was not based on chance at all.

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Sure, that would mean that the contest was rigged, but we're just going to pass over that little detail.

It also explains why Slugworth happened to be present when each child found their golden ticket.

The theory points out that all of the children would have been useful in running the chocolate factory as a team.

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Take Veruca Salt, for example. Because her family owns a nut factory, Wonka would have been wise to select her as a future owner. It would have been perfect for future business pairings, him being a chocolate manufacturer and all.

And then there's Mike Teavee.

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Mike clearly would have been the expert in media, advertising, and technology, according to the theory. During the tour of the factory, Wonka shows Mike the Wonka Vision prototype, and likely had the goal of putting Mike in charge of innovative technology at the factory.

Violet Beauregarde, being the avid gum-chewer that she was, would have been the ideal person to develop Wonka's Three-Course Dinner Chewing Gum. 

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The fan theory suggests that she would have been able to provide valuable input on the creative process and even use her gum-chewing fame to promote the new Wonka product.

We all know that Augustus Gloop had an incredible appetite. 

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But his father was also a butcher in Drusselheim, which meant that Wonka could have used that connection to expand to an international market (more than he already was) or even invest in different types of foods.

Meat chocolate perhaps? (That sounds gross actually, I take it back. That's why I leave the theories to the pros).

And then there's dear, sweet, Charlie Bucket. 

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Charlie was chosen so that he could be the "heart of the company," according to the theory, because of his rags-to-riches story that we mentioned earlier. We all know that the public loves a heartwarming tale, and this could have been it for Wonka.

Not to mention that Charlie and his family know how to be frugal, and they would have had no problem with the factory's finances.

Clearly, Wonka's plan didn't pan out the way he expected, but we love a man who knows how to strategize. It was a pretty solid plan until it wasn't.

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Regardless, people are very much here for this theory, and they even pointed out that this could be why Wonka was so outraged at the end of the movie — all his business plans for the company completely fell through. I'd be mad too!

Okay, so is your wig snatched, or what? The whole thing was carefully orchestrated, and suddenly, I have so much more respect for Wonka.