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Make Every Day Feel Like Spring In Japan With A DIY Cherry Blossom Bonsai Tree Kit

When you think of Japan, cherry blossom trees, or sakura, might be one of the first—if not the first— things that comes to mind. Their quirky shape and pretty pink and white flowers make them unforgettable.

I had the absolute pleasure in 2012 to experience hanami, in which people celebrate the cherry blossom blooms by having picnics under the trees, and most importantly, drinking under them with friends. Now, you'll be able to celebrate hanami every day in your home with your very own cherry blossom bansai kit.

9Greenbox is selling a whole starter kit so you can grow your very own pretty and delicate miniature cherry blossom tree right in your own home.

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Cherry blossom trees can get pretty big and their flowers eventually fall, but this one isn't supposed to.

The kit comes with seeds, a vase, soil, pebbles, and a step-by-step guide to growing your cherry blossom bonsai.


While this kit makes growing your own pretty simple, be aware that the actual process of growing your own is going to take some patience.

They're pretty finicky to grow, actually.

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According to the website Bonsai Empire, you'll need to pay very careful attention to where you plant it. They need a lot of sun, very little wind, and a cold period of at least three months in winter.

Okay, diva.

You'll also need to prune and shape it, but you can't do that for the first year if you want to see it flower.

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However, if you do choose to commit to caring for one, it's completely worth it in the end, and it's sure to be a fresh conversation piece in the home.

Find it online for $12.99.