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The Royal Family's Website Accidentally Linked To An Adult Film Site

Look, we've all had hella embarrassing moments before! In the words of the Jonas Brothers, it's Only Human!!!!

And yes, most of us don't have a GLOBAL platform to make those mistakes on, but whatever!

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Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody has those days!

And today, the Royal Family has proven that they're *truly* just like us.

Out here being all embarrassing and shiz.

It seems the Royal Family's official website has accidentally sent viewers hoping to find info on Prince Harry's organization to an X-rated site.

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According to the New York Post a Chinese porn page is popping up instead of information on the Welsh charity Dolen Cymru.

According to "The Sun", the site showed couples having sex with advertisements to live sex shows flashing on the screen.

The Sun reports that the porn site and the charity share the same name, which was most likely the cause of the blunder.

Harry has been the royal patron of the organization since 2007.

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The charity works to introduce professionals from schools and hospitals to each other in an effort to share their knowledge.

I mean... this is kinda funny, isn't it?

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Thankfully. the link has been removed and hopefully, it was before the queen found out!