8+ Designs Tattoo Artists Are Sick Of Doing

Tattoos are so personal and correspond to individual tastes. But, sometimes people are swayed by what's popular at the time to put effort into choosing their design.

Turns out lots of tattoo artists end up tattooing the same thing over and over again, and get sick of a particular idea. Then, they end up dreading doing it again or flat out refuse the work. Here are a few designs that are definitely overdone, according to tattoo artists on Reddit.

1. Sun And Moon

I gotta admit, this celestial idea is always fun, but I can understand how artists can get sick of tattooing it all the time.

2. Latitude And Longitude


I really liked this idea when I saw it on Angelina Jolie but then everybody started doing it. The popularity pretty much killed it. LOL!

3. Anchors

This is usually a very manly tattoo. Most guys that get this say that they won't be tied down. Really? Like that's so attractive, buddy! Next.

4. Barcodes

Why would anyone get a barcode tattooed on their body is beyond me. Apparently some tattoo artists find the silliest items to correspond to the barcode. Revenge! Ha, ha!

5. Pocket Watch And Roses

Nobody seems to know why these tattoos became all the rage but I bet tattoo artists are so over this look.

6. Snake Coming Out Of Skull

Ha, ha! I seem to recall seeing lots of these types of tattoos. I know it's badass and all but let's just chill, people.

7. Mandala

I can understand why so many people get mandala tattoos. They are so pretty but tattoo artists are getting so tired of inking these.

"IDK, but 20 years from now, there's gonna be a lot of old people with mandala tattoos and tree silhouettes," one artist said on Reddit.

8. Chemistry Symbols

It seems that artists have seen one too many of these dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin tattoos with either the word "happiness" or flowers around it. Next!

9. Astrological Signs

Here's another super popular tattoo idea that, I have to say, isn't all that unique anymore. I once wanted to get Leo sign tattooed but changed my mind.

10. Crosses

If you search #CrossTattoo on Instagram you'll come up with like 158,000 images for. Everybody wants one. No wonder tattoo artists are so over them.

11. Crowns

Next to crosses you've got crowns. When my fiancé's brother got one with his child's name under it I almost puked. Sorry, buddy, it's so clichéd.

12. Wings

I totally get the appeal of the wings on your back tattoo. Unfortunately, every girl who wants to be cool has one already. Let's find something else.

13. Feathers

Feathers can look so awesome when they're really detailed. Some artists can make them look so light and fresh but still, it's such a popular choice.

I never actually thought how boring it might get for tattoo artists to have to do the same design over and over again.

So let's give them some variety, people.

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