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Throw A Super Golden Party With A 'Golden Girls'-Themed Birthday Set

Just because you're no longer 10 doesn't mean you can't throw a themed party. Sure, it may not be Hello Kitty, princess, or Spongebob Squarepants-themed (although it totally could and SHOULD BE), but there are plenty more "adult" shows that still make parties more fun.

Over the last few years, people have thrown lavishly detailed Stranger Things parties, decades parties, and VSCO Girl/ Instagram baddie parties (just me?). But those don't always have all the classic goodies that really make it a themed party.

This 'Golden Girls' birthday party set sure has the works!

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Just because you outgrew your desire for a Disney princess-themed party doesn't mean you can't throw a princess party filled with Golden Girls' royalty.

The set includes everything you need to host a golden party.


The set by Prime Party is complete with dinner and dessert plates made for cheesecake, cups, two different kinds of napkins, a "Happy Birthday" banner, and a table runner to deck your dining room out.

Each item is filled with the cutest graphics of the very memorable members and even some of their iconic quotes!

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You can find the set on Amazon for $34.99.

Prime Party is continuing the celebration over on their website with a host of other 'Golden Girls'-inspired partu favors and games, like this whole bingo set.

Prime Party

It goes for $24.99, and they also have photo booth props so you can really become the Golden Girls, as well as printable activity sheets that keep the spirit of childhood themed parties alive!

So, grab your golden gang and show them how to throw an epic themed bash.

Ain't no party like a Golden Girls party!