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Trader Joe's Is Selling 'Everything But The Elote' Seasoning, So Get Ready To Sprinkle It On Everything

If you're a Trader Joe's aficionado, there are a few staples that you buy every time. One is their cookie butter, another is their chile-spiced mangoes, and the other is their Everything but the Bagel seasoning blend.

Now they've just released another product that is going to be on everyone's TJ's list.

Who knows why it took Trader Joe's so long to launch their own elote seasoning blend, but it's finally here.

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Piggybacking off the success of their "Everything but the Bagel Seasoning," Trader Joe's now has an "Everything but the Elote" seasoning dedicated to the tantalizing flavor of the wonderful street food.

The blend is made with salt, chile pepper, parmesan cheese, chipotle, and cumin, all ground up and ready to sprinkle on everything you can think of.

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Sprinkle it on your own homemade elote, popcorn, meat, eggs, add it to dips — I can't think of anything this would be horrible on.

As a matter of fact, every post I've seen of the seasoning on Instagram so far has been positive. People really seem to like it "elote," get it?

If you've always been curious about elote or are now after reading this article, now's your chance to easily give it a try!

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Find it at your local TJ's for $2.49.

If you've never had or have heard of elote before, this is pretty much what you can expect.

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It's a popular Mexican street food consisting of a piece of grilled corn smothered in mayo, Cotija cheese, and Ancho chile powder.

The mayo may throw you off, but trust me, it's a piece of smoky and creamy heaven right at your messy fingertips.