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Ashley Graham Shows Off 'Stunning' Post-Pregnancy Stretch Marks In New Insta Pic

Supermodel Ashley Graham and her hubby Justin Ervin welcomed their baby boy Isaac last month and needless to say, he is ADORABLE and gonna be a WOKE A.F baby!

THANKFULLY, Ashley has kept it real when it comes to parenting, sharing this beautiful photo of her breastfeeding her son:

Instagram | @ashleygraham

Cutest Insta EVER!

The breastfeeding pics didn't stop there!

Instagram | @ashleygraham

Ashley is gonna single-handedly NORMALIZE BREASTFEEDING once and for all.

The supermodel also got hella real about wearing ADULT DIAPERS after giving birth. "Raise your hand if you didn’t know you’d be changing your own diapers too," she wrote on Insta alongside this pic:

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"After all these years in fashion I never could’ve guessed that disposable underwear would be my favorite piece of clothing but here we are!"

Now, Ashley is sharing her postpartum stretch marks:

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"same me. few new stories," she captioned the pic.

"Warrior markings," wrote one fan.

Instagram | @ashleygraham

"Life lines! sooo worth the journey right?" wrote another.

"So stunning Mamacita!"

We're so happy Ashley is embracing her new beautiful body! You go, queen!