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Drew Carey Breaks Silence On Murder Of Ex-Fiancée With Emotional Statement: 'I Am Overcome With Grief'

Popular game show The Price Is Right has postponed taping since the news broke that host Drew Carey's ex-fiancée, Amie Harwick, was murdered.

TW: this article contains depictions or discussions of domestic violence and may be triggering to some readers.

Amie Harwick, 38, was killed over the weekend.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, Harwick was found unresponsive at her home after suffering a fall from the third story balcony.

Harwick's former boyfriend, Gareth Pursehouse, has been arrested in connection to the death.

The LAPD reported that Harwick had expressed fear about her former boyfriend, and at one point had filed a restraining order against him, but that restraining order had since expired.

Harwick was a well-known therapist in West Hollywood.

She specialized in family counselling and sex counselling and regularly appeared on podcasts, TV, and on her YouTube channel to promote her work.

Harwick held a BA in Psychology, a Masters in Clinical Psychology, and also had a PhD.

Harwick had also written a self-help book titled The New Sex Bible For Women, and had worked as a model and a Playboy centerfold earlier in her career.

Harwick and 'The Price Is Right' host Drew Carey previously dated and were engaged from 2017 to 2018.

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Carey has broken his silence in a statement obtained by Variety, stating, "Amie and I had a love that people are lucky to have once in a lifetime."

"She was a positive force in the world."

Carey's statement continued, and he said that Harwick was "a tireless and unapologetic champion for women, and passionate about her work as a therapist."

"I am overcome with grief."

"I would like to thank you in advance for giving myself and everyone who loved Amie privacy while we try to work through this tragic situation."

Carey also shared a tweet with an image of the two together.

"I hope you're lucky enough to have someone in your life that loves as much as she did," he captioned the shot.

Fans responded to Carey with love and support.

"I am. Amie was a beautiful Friend, an Angel that appeared in my life like a loving bright light, she was irreplaceable," replied one friend of Harwick's.

"I am beside myself with grief and heartbreak," replied another friend of Harwick's.

Drew also shared this link on his Twitter.

"Please sign this petition and chip in if you can," Drew tweeted, adding the hashtag "#JusticeForAmie. Thank you and bless you."

The petition is calling for domestic violence law reform.

The petition was created by a friend of Amie's shortly after her death.

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"Amie had a restraining order in place against a violent ex boyfriend from a decade ago. The restraining order expired," her friend shared on the petition. "Well, two weeks ago, this ex-boyfriend went to an event she was at and harassed her."

"He began to stalk her and on Valentine's Day attack her in her own home."

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"She should have never had to be in this situation like so many other victims. The process to get a restraining order is very difficult and traumatic."

"Amie was a Doctor in the Mental Health Field and advocate in the community."

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"We need to do the same and advocate for Amie."

Rest in peace, Amie.

Our thoughts are with Harwick's friends, family, and loved ones at this tragic time.