17+ Sizzling Burns That Hit Just Right

There are few feelings quite like the sense of elation you get when you deliver a truly spectacular burn to someone. And, due to the fact that the internet allows people to pause and think about their responses more readily than in person, the internet is a veritable festival of savagery as people vie to have their voices heard online.

From people roasting antivaxxers and presidential candidates to police departments delivering savage burns, it is my great pleasure to present to you 17+ sizzling burns that hit just right!

Antivaxxer Logic < Actual Logic

I mean, it's not hard to roast anti-vaxxers or flat earthers due to the staggering nature of their density, but it is still great to see them getting their comeuppance.

Wendy's Doesn't Play

If you've ever been on Twitter then chances are you have encountered Wendy's being an absolute savage. Whoever runs their social media pages is ruthless!

Call The Cops!

Being burned by your strangers on the internet is one thing, but being burned this savagely by the police is another level completely!

Baby Boomer Skills

You can just imagine all of the furious replies this tweet must have received. I can imagine they must have heard a lot of things along the lines of, "Your generation doesn't realize how good they have it, back in my day..."

Cuts Cuts Cuts

A lot of the time, the best comebacks are the blindingly logical ones!

Savage Aunts

And yes, the Savage Aunts will now be the name I give my techno punk band which I'm planning on starting.

Speaking The Truth

I mean, if they didn't want shots like this being fired at them, then they shouldn't have done it in the first place!

The Self-Own

Nothing quite like seeing a narrow-minded dullard being hoist by their own petard.

Wendy's Tweet 2: Return Of The Savage

I couldn't put just one Wendy's diss, and this one is just too good to ignore!

The Classic Approach

This guy is just tearing down misogynists left right and center! Going after someone's sexual prowess is a classic maneuver.

Making Anything Look Chic

I might try doing some modelling in a potato sack. I don't think I'll look good, I just really like potatoes and want people to know that.


There's something beautiful in the reserved energy of this comeback that makes it truly special.

Sshhh, I'm Trying To Smell!

This picture can only be viewed with smell-o-vision!

Mailing Out The Pain

It's not just Wendy's that use their official Twitter page to deal out the savage responses, the Royal Mail also gets in on the action from time to time. It's amazing they were so quick with this reply burn though, as normally they're late.

Dad Bods Are The Best Bods

People with dad bods are more fun anyway! Who wants someone who just farts boiled chicken and rice all day? No one, that's who!

Incestuous Jokes

I can only imagine how red his face went at that exact moment.

Delivery Driver Burns

That is an unnecessary amount of sass from a delivery driver. Can't imagine they do well on the tips front.

Economics 101

What a horrific indictment of the way teachers are treated. They are shaping the people of the future for goodness sake!

Sticking It To The Oil Companies

I bet BP thought that their tweet was a slam dunk with absolutely no way that it could backfire for them, and then Andrew Henderson came along.

Are You Okay Sony?

I'm sure they've got something cooking in a little office somewhere. Nothing will stop Sony from desperately trying to get a Sinister Six movie off the ground... nothing!