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10+ Times Female Celebs Didn't Care About What They Said In Interviews

There are times when interviews get awkward, there are times when they are pretty darn wholesome. But then there are other times when the person being interviewed just doesn't give a hoot. Sometimes, these people are women. These are the women who, in one interview, could never be called an owl.

1. Ali Wong

Not only did Ali Wong post a video of her stealing snacks from the Ellen show, but she went back on and was asked about it in her next interview!

2. Dakota Johnson

Once again, we see Ellen in the hot seat (or at least as the interviewer).

Here we see Dakota Johnson calling out Ellen for not showing up for her birthday party.

3. Madonna

We all know Madonna was the original boss b-word, but did you know that she once told David Letterman that he was, and I quote a "sick [expletive]"? Jeez Louise!

4. Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey loves to throw shade. There was the moment below, where she was so darn aloof about Nicki Minaj we almost forgot that Minaj was a person!

Damn Mariah!

Then there was this moment on "American Idol", where she once again threw a whole bunch of shade at Nicki Minaj, once again.

Quick! Someone bring out the sun! It's too darn shady!

5. Cardi B

Cardi B has never been one to shy away from being honest.

When she was asked how she was feeling at the Grammys, she said she had butterflies in her stomach...and somewhere else.

6. Barbra Streisand

You may think Oprah is the queen of everything, but if you think that you've never met Barbra Streisand.

Case in point: she spray-painted one of Oprah's mics! Wow!

7. Ariana Grande

YouTube | Ariana Grande Loves Ü

It's safe to say that Ariana Grande has become quite the inspiration to young girls in the last couple of years.

So it's great to see her totally schooling a Radio DJ on sexism.

The DJ asked her what she would rather go without: her makeup or her phone.

And instead of answering, she quickly explained that the question being asked was sexist.

She made the guy look like a total fool.

8. Whoopi Goldberg

The women on The View were in the middle of interviewing Claire Danes, when suddenly a huge fart noise came from Whoopi's direction.

"Oh!" she said "I think I just let a little frog out there!"

9. Miriam Margolyes

Miriam Margolyes is a British actress who just does not give a rat's butt about what she says on TV.

One time she talked about how the first time she met Laurence Olivier and how attractive she found him!

10. Cher

After a string of compliments delivered unto her by the ex-Late night host David Letterman, she told him that he "looked like [expletive].

You can probably fill that in.

11. Rihanna

YouTube | Late Night with Seth Meyers

It's safe to say that Rihanna is a fairly boss b-word.

She does what she wants, she takes what she wants and gosh darn it, you better have her money.

And she had one instance with Seth Meyers where she showed off those qualities.

They went out day drinking, and Seth asked the singer how he could blow his wife's mind. She answered: "You said it... Blow... Your Wife".

Seth was quick to remind her she was on a network TV show.