11+ Times Makeup Just Didn't Play Fair

Nothing hurts more than when you love someone and they don't love you back. And by someone, I mean makeup. Why does it do us so dirty when we love it so much?!

Here are some instances that will remind you of your own struggles with makeup — but definitely won't stop you from loving it.

1. When this lipstick came in "fun-sized," but it turned out to be fun for nobody.

Reddit | QueeeeenSheela

"What is this?! A lipstick for ants?!" Also, sorry, but that flower is nowhere near as beautiful and majestic as the photo suggested it would be.

2. When Mario and his very handsome-sounding name nearly tore apart this relationship.

Twitter | @nataliebalboa

To be honest, this guy seems pretty easily threatened and jealous, so maybe Nat should leave him for her facial spray.

3. When this guy thought it would be fun to conceal his hair as well as his under eyes.

Instagram | @brandyrosex

All the makeup and skincare products I've accidentally gotten in my hair over the years would legitimately be enough to stock a Sephora.

4. When this eyeliner-used-as-lipstick look didn't make Jill look like a cool '90s witch at all.

Twitter | @DanMannarino

I feel like the winged lip look isn't going to take off, but good on her for trying something new.

5. When this Mac lipstick destroyed itself and took Katie's jacket down with it.

Twitter | @Ionamclauchlan1

You've heard stories about people accidentally leaving money in pockets and destroying it, but at least a ruined $20 bill doesn't turn your jacket into a crime scene.

6. When brands seem to have a hundred foundations that are only suitable for, like, two skin tones.

Twitter | @ChayzzDevyant

And don't even get us started on the range of foundations for dark skin — ugh.

7. When this eyeshadow shattered and our dreams did, too.

Twitter | @trumpanzeetamer

And straight out of the mail, too! It never even got to see an eyelid. It really makes you want to cry, doesn't it?

8. No, seriously, it makes you want to cry.

YouTube | all around the web

Shoutout to this girl for making me feel better about the times that I have cried over makeup. It's nice to know I'm not alone.

9. When you were happy with your lashes, but they weren't happy with you.

Instagram | @muapassionn

Do you pull them off? Do you spend another twenty minutes fixing them? Do you just let them hang there as a reminder of your failure?

10. When this eyeliner was impossible to match and made this makeup artist give up all over her eyelid.

Instagram | @jayblissy

We've all been there. *Draws a sad face on cheek with eyeliner*

11. When makeup marketing teams managed to convince the tweens and teens of the mid '00s that a mousse foundation was a good idea.

Instagram | @shadesofsnobs

And we'd complete every fierce look with a coat of Lip Smackers, then head for the mall.

12. When eyelash glue made this girl look like she had the biggest rage eye twitch of all time.

Instagram | @glambyshelbyyy

This is my face when people say they don't see the point of baking.

13. But actually, what were we thinking?

Instagram | @og_yoncecarter

I just think of all those times I over-plucked my brows and didn't fill them in, and sigh... I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

14. When your face was looking on point...just not in the lighting that literally everyone would be seeing you in.

Twitter | @DopestOddFuture

Looks like I'm throwing a party in my bathroom so everyone can see how bomb I look.

15. When this precious squirrel had to come off Ellie's face, and then she didn't even get the recognition she deserved for her amazing Wonka-inspired look.

Twitter | @ellieaddi

Imagine working so hard on that INCREDIBLE look, and then your makeup wipe is the thing that goes viral.

16. When Saturday's fire makeup turned into Sunday's aggressively cleansed and exfoliating face look.

Twitter | @chloejnichols

But are we ever going to stop wearing makeup? No, we're not. And I think that's beautiful.