12+ People Who Seriously Need To Explain Themselves

It's a sad day when somebody acts so distressingly crazy that we find ourselves becoming like those stuffy authority figures in teen movies. Like, no matter which Breakfast Club kid we related to, I doubt that any of us thought we'd turn out like the vice principal who kept yelling at them.

But it's hard to think of anybody else when we see behavior so shocking that the words "explain yourself" actually escape our face holes.

And what makes that even harder to deal with? I kinda doubt that many of these folks actually ever will explain.

1. Look, fun is fun, but is this guy seriously going to ignore every warning he got about chasing waterfalls?

Reddit | sasha_bv

I didn't think I needed that advice from anyone, but it's apparently way more alluring than I thought. He does seem pretty happy about it, though.

2. Even if somebody gave me enough money to make lying in trash seem worthwhile, I'd probably want more layers between us than this.

Reddit | parson6

It's possible that it was just hot out that day, but that honestly makes this whole thing worse.

Heat and garbage smells don't mix.

3. Unless the customer asked for a lion with a five-head, somebody just did them dirty.

Reddit | O-shi

I just hope that whoever did this didn't have the gall to charge full price for this job, or I'll end up as sad as that lion looks.

4. Well, I hope that whatever's going on here works for the cat because she'd be very disappointed if she tried it on me.

Reddit | CosmicKeys

That is, unless she's hell-bent on training her cat to back away from her slowly. In that case, she's basically a cat-whisperer.

5. I'm almost too busy squirming at the thought of touching public bathroom floors with my bare feet to ask anything, but I'll bravely press on.

Reddit | SurpriseSandwich

Why would anyone do this to themselves? They don't seem OK. Can we open our hearts and get them some shoes?

6. I'm relieved to see that no kids are falling for this, but then I remember that an adult probably thought of this and I'm sad again.

Reddit | mostlyharmless06

If 6-year-olds have enough life experience to know that sliding into traffic is bad, what's that person's excuse?

7. Yeah, I can't really point to any time someone took a bath fully clothed and thought, "Yup, my life is right where I want it to be."

Twitter | @scixpmas

Did they even put all this stuff here? Is this just what it's like being The Joker's roommate?

8. I don't really understand the ritual here, but I definitely get why the fans would imitate it.

Reddit | DaddyDonutz

You know, I'm not actually sure I want an explanation. Because I'm assuming that he always gets funky before he pitches and the truth isn't gonna top that.

9. Gah! Seeing this picture makes me wish I was a little more specific about how I get the explanation I crave.

Reddit | GoldfishMoving

If whoever did this had their way, I'll understand why it happened after they've already tied me up.

I'd rather conference that one in, thanks.

10. Hmm, when asphalt can come off like somebody's ripping up old carpet, I can't really blame the guy doing the ripping.

Reddit | Wasik2137

I guess he's hoping that the layer underneath this one will be easier to drive on? Seems kind of unlikely, but it's nice to dream.

11. I appreciate the captioner's efforts to make sense of this, but I doubt this guy was going for a visual metaphor.

Instagram | @meme.world

Either his deadpan comedy is spot-on or I think he's actually trying to cut water. I'm sorry, but I don't think we'll ever know why.

12. Phew, OK. I think we've finally found one that we can all understand.

Reddit | RhenSlyver

Most of us just have to accept the hard truth that we'll never have a dinosaur as a pet, but this lady is at least trying to give herself the next best thing.

13. I sympathize with this suffering skeleton, but I'm not sure what he expected when he climbed the pole the skele-dog was chained to.

Twitter | @scixpmas

The police dog's probably just as confused as I am, but I'm following the advice written on the car door below him. Sorry Fido, but you're the professional here.