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Viral Video Shows Boy Eating Not One But TWO Flies During Live TV Interview

Before we really dive into this shudder-inducing story, do we all remember that children's book, There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly?

The title is super self-explanatory, but just in case you need a little refresher on the actual plot, that book was all about this old lady who, one day, happened to swallow a fly.

That was an accident. But this? This was no accident. I'm sure of it.

A young boy from Australia was recently caught snacking on flies during a live television interview.

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The shocking footage was captured by the local Channel 10 news station for their popular program, The Project. In this particular segment, rural families were being interviewed to discus the impact of the recent rainfall.

This little boy's family just happened to be one of the lucky clans picked for the show.

While watching the seemingly innocent familial interview, one Aussie viewer noticed something strange going on with the son.

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They zoomed in on the boy and caught the exact moment a fly landed on his face, right next to his mouth.

While any of us would have swatted it away and carried on with our lives, this kid took a different approach.

In what can only be described as a bizarre, frog-like move, he stuck his tongue out and gathered the fly into his mouth.

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Okay, definitely weird, but maybe it was an accident, right? Maybe he thought he felt a piece of food or something on his cheek and lapped it up in order to look his very best for the rolling cameras.

Except he didn't just eat one fly — he ate two.

Moments after he'd munched down his first snack, a second fly landed on this boy's face.

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Just like the first time, he shoots out his tongue and pulls that little fly into his mouth, calmly chewing it up as he continues to stare into the cameras.

I've honestly watched this video several times and I must say, the most shocking thing isn't that he eats the flies — it's that he doesn't even seem to think about it before his tongue fires out to grab them.

It's almost like an automatic response of something.

The video of this kind chowing down on some flies has gone viral and shown up on several different social media sites.

On Reddit, a user shared the clip to the subreddit r/Cringetopia where it definitely caught people's attention.

Some people were rightfully grossed out, but others had some surprising reactions to the curious clip.

A few users actually applauded this kid for being so bold as to *chew flies* during a TV interview.

"It's such a display of power," one user wrote, while another added, "I mean I get the 'cringe' but what a fing power play by that kid. He gave zero fs."

Some people in the comments even began respectfully referring to this kid as, "Lord of the Flies."

There were also others who assumed these weren't the first flies this boy has snacked on.

As this Reddit user put it,

"If you can use your tongue to catch both flies that land on your face, chances are those are not the first flies you’ve caught with your tongue. It’s just how you handle flies."

Some actually came to the kid's defense and insisted he didn't eat two flies, just one.

I mean, I guess I can see their point. If you watch the video, it sort of seems like he laps up the first fly, and it manages to escape his mouth before getting trapped by this kid's remarkably-accurate tongue a second time.

But if you look super, super closely, you'll see the second insect actually flies in from out of frame. So yeah folks, there's definitely at least two flies inside this kid's tummy right now.

If you think you can stomach it, I suggest you watch the video and decide for yourself.

Did the kid really mean to eat not one but two flies during his television interview? Were there actually even two insects in the first place?

You decide. I'm done watching this video forever.

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