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Sprite Just Released Their Own Ginger Flavor, And The Ginger Ale World Is Shaking

It's a fact in life that there are just always going to be competitors. That's just life! it could be two Irish dancers dueling their best moves on the stage, or Chick-fil-A and Popeyes going to head-to-head in the fried chicken sandwich wars, or people who think the white and gold dress is black and blue. I really just wanted to bring this up again.

Of course, we can't leave out Pepsi versus Coke, Sprite versus 7 Up, and Canada Dry versus Schweppes in their own category that is soda competitors.

Sprite is suddenly towing the line between lemon-lime drink and ginger ale with their new Ginger flavor.

Coca-Cola Company

According to a press release, this is apparently the flavor combo the people have been asking for.

Apparently people have been loving ginger-flavored drinks lately, so Sprite was like, "Don't worry fam. We got you."

This drink isn't supposed to taste as strong as a classic ginger ale that hits the back of your throat with a swift kick of zest and spice.

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Or maybe that's just the carbonation. I'll tell you though, no soda hurts as much as Coca-Cola, let me tell you.

Looks like ginger ale has some competition when it comes to those feeling under the weather.

Who knows — you may find yourself reaching for a Sprite Ginger this time around!

Will you be giving this flavor a try? Let us know!

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