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Twitter Is Torn Over Ivanka Trump Bringing Back A Hairstyle Straight Out Of The 2000s

Back in the glory days of 2007, for a school dance I begged and begged and begged my mom to let me get some chunky highlights. Kelly Clarkson had them, all the girls on MySpace had them, and I just HAD to have them too.

I did get them, and over a decade later, so did Ivanka Trump.

Twitter can't decide how it feels about Ivanka's chunky highlights.

Some, of course, just appreciate the nostalgia. We all remember loving them in From Justin To Kelly, and it's a bold look if you're brave enough to try it.

Of course, some people were not into them.

Instagram | @ivankatrump

"Ivanka’s hair stylist is trolling her bad," one user tweeted, while another added, "Ivanka Trump should know women over 40 shouldn't have badly dyed long hair."

Others were fans!

There was a reason this hairstyle was so popular a decade ago. I can't exactly remember what that reason was, but it must have existed.

What do you think?

Instagram | @ivankatrump

Are you a fan of the chunky highlights? Does Ivanka manage to pull them off? Or are they a style we should have left behind with frosted tips? Let us know in the comments!