Crocs Is Releasing KFC Bucket-Inspired Shoes Complete With Fried Chicken Jibbitz

Crocs get a pretty bad rap, yet here they are, still thriving after almost 20 years in the biz. Arguably, their presence is only getting more and more significant thanks to the movement that is the VSCO Girl of 2019.

And here they are, collaborating with the unlikely partner KFC to release a shoe that might dodge cultural fashion tastes.

Yes, Crocs and KFC teamed up to release a branded Croc.


And yes, they mimic KFC's famous fried chicken bucket, complete with the iconic red and white stripes that anyone can recognize from a mile away.

It may be an unlikely partnership, but it's here!


KFC made the announcement a couple days ago on their Twitter account with a quirky and cool video unveiling the Crocs.

If you saw the platforms and were immediately screaming, "YAAAAAAAAAAS!" out loud on the bus and just scared the person nodding off next to you, I am so sorry to report that they will not be available for purchase.


Yes, only the classic version will be available for $60 sometime this spring.

What's more is that they're complete with their very own very realistic-looking fried chicken Jibbitz.


Well, I certainly can't wait for the photos of people wearing these out in public to pour in!

Check them out on Crocs' website.