Ben Affleck's Batman 'Looks Better' Than Robert Pattinson's, According To Fans

If my time on the Internet has taught me anything, it's to not get involved when comic book fans are arguing. There's just no ending for me that's good.

I'm still not getting involved, but I will present the arguments.

Leaked footage was released this week that gave the first glimpses of Robert Pattinson donning the famous cowl.

I personally think he looks pretty good in the suit, but the Internet (as usual) is pretty divided on the subject, and they've taken to Twitter to express this.

A lot of DC fans expressed that they thought Ben Affleck looked better in the iconic suit.

Some fans pointed to Robert Pattinson's very distinctive jawline as a reason why he doesn't suit the suit, but I think it gives him a unique style!

Other people were more gentle about it.

There were fans who were still excited about the new film, but thought Ben Affleck looked better in the suit. Ben did a pretty good job, I have to admit!

Some people thought everyone else was being too hasty.

It's hard to make a decision about how good an actor will be in a part based just off some screenshots!

Who do you think will come out on top as the better Batman? Let us know in the comments!