Netflix Wants To Renew 'Lucifer' For Another Season

Everybody, stay calm!

When Netflix announced they would be saving Lucifer after its three- season run on Fox, everyone was ecstatic. However, heartbreak swiftly followed when they announced the fifth season of the show would be its last.

The news has just been broken that apparently Netflix is looking to renew the show for a sixth season!


TVLine was the first to report that Netflix is interested in adding another season despite their previous insistence that the fifth season would be the final one.

Fans are obviously ecstatic at the prospect.

They obviously know the show's quality is good enough to sustain it, and it looks like Netflix might agree with that!

Some fans are emotional.

It has been a roller coaster. Canceled, saved, finished, saved again? How do you manage to keep up?

It's been a bumpy road for *Lucifer* fans.

This little bit of good news coming from some pretty reputable sources is probably pretty relieving to fans who have had to worry about the fate of the show a lot over the years.

Fans are already rallying behind a hashtag to try to sway Netflix's decision.

The fandom's use of #SaveLucifer helped ensure the show got picked up by Netflix when it was canceled by Fox, so fans are attempting to use #SaveLuciferAgain to the same effect.

It seems like kind of a no-brainer for Netflix.

Lucifer is a hugely popular show, and it's clear its got a really dedicated fan base!

I'm so excited!

The new season would reportedly air in 2021, which is not long to wait at all considering we all thought we'd be waiting forever after season five airs.

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