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Disneyland Is Selling A Decadent Red Velvet Bundt Cake Stuffed With A Strawberry Filling

When you think of the Disney parks, you might picture the iconic Cinderella Castle that dominates all parks across the world, the characters that walk around and give hugs, high fives, and autographs, the rides, and all the different theme park utopias.

Disney's also getting their name out there in the culinary world, with people heading to the parks to specifically try all the Disney-themed goodies.

Just like the parks themselves, Disney's food is super whimsical and creates an absolutely magical culinary experience.

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Their Minnie Mouse Red Velvet Bundt Cake at Disneyland in California is no exception.

The red velvet cake is complete with a hefty helping of vanilla glaze, a whipped tower of icing, red and black sprinkles, and Minnie Mouse chocolate ears.

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But, Disney couldn't stop there.

They had to add an extra touch of magic with a surprise strawberry filling.

Disney Food Blog

The folks over at Disney Food Blog got to try it and absolutely loved its combo of richness, moistness, and sweetness.

So far, it looks like it's only being sold at the Plaza Inn at Disneyland in California for $6.

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If you're a Disney lover and total foodie, it looks like you should be heading to Disney if you haven't already!

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